Have any of you applied for the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal yet? I applied in October but have yet to receive the gong, just interested to see how long it takes.

NATO time doesn't count. When I enquired about finding out my GSM time (back and forth between Faslane and Carlingford Lough mostly) I was told you just have to apply and then be verified. I am not sure if they have lists? Bearing in mind the post above about the medal office only having 2 staff, it might be tricky. It would be good if you could just look it up somewhere wouldn't it?

Edit - Sorry I didn't see there was a second page.

Just to explain a possible situation. The problem with GSM time for those who were on NI Sqn is that you (rightly) only accumulated campaign days when on patrol and then when you went off back over to Faslane you were 'on pause' so to speak. The only way to be sure, that I can see, would be to go back through the Logs of the ships involved.
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Even NATO time that contributes to a medal authorised in the JSP?
No not for the ACSM - it is for UK Ops only.

As alluded to above, back in about 95 when the ACSM was first issued, I didn't think about keeping detailed records of things that might come in handy later in my career or I would have kept a copy of the original DCI, as well as of my days on patrol. I can however, by way of example, tell you that the Iraq Medal DCI (JS 34/04) says in Para 15a - 'qualifies towards ACSM', as does the Veritas OSM DCI (I don't have the gong but for some reason do have a copy of the DCI). More relevantly, the NATO non-Article V DCI (JS 125/03), as well as telling me I can't wear mine, also tells me in Para 6 that the days do not count towards the ACSM. I don't have the NATO FY DCI, but it doesn't count either.

Sorry to sound like a smart arse, but having spent a fair bit of time out of the UK chain of command in pre-JPA days, I eventually learned to keep records and copies.
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This was still bugging me so I had a look at the link I posted the other day. Guess what? At the bottom it says: (I don't know what 'Multi-National Campaign Medals means).

Bars are to be awarded for each additional period of 720 days approved operational service. A month is defined as 30 days, and part-months may be accumulated.
The following campaign service counts towards the ACSM 11:
a. GSM Northern Ireland 14 Aug 69 - 31 Jul 07
b. GSM Dhofar 1 Oct 69 - 30 Sep 76
c. GSM Lebanon 7 Feb 83 - 9 Mar 84
d. GSM Mine Clearance Gulf of Suez 15 Aug 84 - 15 Oct 84
e. GSM Gulf 17 Nov 86 - 28 Feb 89
f. GSM Kuwait 8 Mar 91 - 30 Sep 91
g. GSM N Iraq & S Turkey 6 Apr 91 - 17 Jul 91
h. GSM Air Operations Iraq (South) 16 Jul 91 - 18 Mar 03, and Iraq (North) 16 Jul 91 - 30 Apr 03
i. OSM Sierra Leone 5 May 00 - 31 Jul 02
j. OSM Afghanistan 11 Sep 01 to a date to be decided
k. OSM Democratic Republic of Congo 14 Jun 03 - 10 Sep 03
l. The Iraq Medal 20 Jan 03 - 22 May 11
m. Multinational campaign medals - approved since 1 Apr 00
Note: One air sortie equates to one day towards the ACSM at the rate of not more than one sortie per day.
The following areas do not count towards the ACSM 11:
a. Service prior to 14 Aug 69
b. Kuwait during Op TELIC after 10 Aug 03
c. Service in the Balkans
d. Service in the British Embassy in Iraq
e. Service on Op BANDOG with the exception of Afghanistan
f. The Gulf War - The Gulf Medal 1990-91
g. The Falklands - South Atlantic Medal

I filled out the application form with the dates I recovered from JPA. For my tours of TELIC and Northern Ireland that were pre-JPA I just put approximate dates and let the medals office chase it up. It has been on my JPA since Nov 2011 (which I assume means I qualify), however still no gong! Patience is a virtue I guess!

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