Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by olloire, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. HOOTROFTDCOTUDCASDAH!!!!! any ideas folks?
  2. Hands out of the rig of the day clear off the upper deck, close all screen doors and hatches!

    OK, I bit!
  3. An easy one, no points for guessing


  4. I only do easy!
  5. Above the door of a house I passed recently DILLIGAF, charmer.
  6. REVREP and SOTAX??
  7. ????????.....LIKE I GIVE A FUCK

    Whats the first bit mean?

    REVREP SOTAX I aint got a clue.
  8. SOTAX I'm guessing is Senior officers taxi. It was SOOTAX in my day!

    As for the rest ??????? NFI - No Fucking Idea!
  9. Is that because your a NAAFI rating?:laughing6:
  10. PROBABLY Which is not an acronym for probably!:laughing5:
  11. I have trouble understanding what passes for "spoken English" nowadays, so acronyms haven't got a snowball in hells chance with me.
  12. No wot u meen m8!!!!:crying:
  13. Clever boy, do I look .
  14. Explained in words of one syllable.

  15. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    The old ones are the best...SWALK and NORWICH. :rofl:
  16. Reverend gentleman, and that favourite Senior officers taxi. ( or Waspie. With a helmet on.)
  17. .PMPN....................
  18. It's not an acronym.
  19. Or CHIP (come home I'm pregnant).....and FISH (Fcuk it I'm staying here) :whew:
  20. Eh? What's the matter with you? Something I said blossom?

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