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I've just been confirmed onto the acquaint visit to Yeovilton from 30th November to 3rd December, anyone else going?

Apparently it'll involved a session in the dunk tank, anyone actually done one and how bad is it really?! Heard lots of stories but never done one yet myself...
Went on the Yeovilton acquaint last year. Great experience, got a flight in a junglie lynx (although it was meant to be a sea king) amongst other things. I appeared to be in a minority who actually enjoyed the Dunker, but beware, if someone drops out you might have to swap sides halfway through and therefore go out a different window! I spent a few seconds attempting to get through the wall on the third go!

Apart from that the chance to chat to serving orrificers etc at the station and more importantly in the bar is invaluable. Most impressed by the ensuite, double bed rooms in the Wardroom aswell!


Lantern Swinger
Apparently we'll be going in a Sea King, but I think I could cope with a Lynx! Glad you had a great time, I'm really looking forward to it, although a little nervious about the dunk tank. Thanks for the advice, I'll try to remember that one!

So what are you doing now?
FATs in 2 weeks (second time round as I passed before with the RAF) and then AIB. Was a couple of weeks from AIB last year and i blew out my cruciate ligament playing rugby. So theres another tip, wrap yourself in cotton wool coming up to your date! Its one of the most frustrating things I've ever experienced!


Lantern Swinger
Thanks! I'll not let myself get a beasting at the gym and stop playing rugby then! When I get my dates that is. Been told I'll hopefully get FATs end of September then AIB as soonas after that.

Best of luck! Any advice for the FATs? I've been doing the S/P/D practice questions and just got a DS with brain training...

Hope your knee holds up this time mate.
The info on this forum is top notch. The SDT calcs would be the key, and general mental arithmetic. The DS will help with that and the links at the top of the FAT thread work fine aswell. For the CLAN test (and I suppose the rest of it) take a good look at the keypad before you start each section and try to remember where everything is so you don’t need to look down during the test. A bit of joystick practice will also help, the most recent release of google earth has a pretty good "flight sim" on it which is free, and when you get there have a play with the pedals at your feet to get used to their range of motion and friction etc.

Apart from that, good luck! Hopefully see you on the other side!


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