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I'm new to this writing in forums malarkey, so please excuse my ignorance.

I'm wondering if anybody has any knowledge about acquaint courses for potential RN officers. I know about the weekly courses in Caledonia for potential ratings, however I was under the impression that there is another similar course at BRNC for candidate officers. Is this true?

I've been told to expect an AIB date before the end of July and would just like to gain a greater insight into the life within the RN.

Any information on what different acquaint courses there are would be greatly appreciated so that I can book myself onto one ASAP.
SM, The best thing to do is talk to your ACLO, as they will know what courses they have available for you to potentially attend.

SM (Supermario)

Ye, I guessed that would be the response to my question.

I'll pop down tomorrow and see what they've got going. I was there yesterday and totally forgot to ask about it. They'll be sick of the sight of me by now. :lol:

Thanks for the advice anyway.


Lantern Swinger
There's a BRNC summer course, though that's more orientated towards SCC/CCF/ACF/ATC cadets.

There's also a potential officer acquaintance course held around HMS Collingwood. From time to time there are ship visits and other opportunities.

Check with your ACLO! They'll try to get you on whatever's going.

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