Acquaint course?

Hi all,
When my brother was thinking about joining up, he went on an acquaint course, and the RN website mentions them.
My question is, do they still exist or have they been replaced completely with PRNC?
If they do still exist, any details would be appreciated.
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I think that it depends which entry level you are going for.

My AFCO told me that I could go on a Logistics Officer aquaint course between my SIFT and AIB, meaning that there is an acquaint course for Officers.

I am not sure about acquaint courses for ratings but the RN website details the PRNC as their chosen course (which may only be attended after passing the recruit test etc.).
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The history of the ratings Royal Navy Acquaint Course (RNAC) at HMS Collingood or HMS Caledonia has undergone several changes due to confusion arising between the course names.

Initially the RN Acquaint Centres (RNAC) had the same abbreviated title as the Royal Navy Acquaint Course (RNAC), so the name was changed to Ratings Preparation Course (RPC) so all was good...

It was then decided to make the course mandatory & introduce pass/fail elements, so "Preparation" was not an accurate reflection of the content. Fortunately the Royal Marines have a pass/fail course, initially called the Potential Recruit Course (PRC) in the 1990's which morphed into the Potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC) in the late 90's.

Thankfully, someone saw the obvious connection and made the inspiring leap to call the RNAC/RPC an erm...PRNC, standing for, wait for it...the Pre Royal Navy Course or PRNC, not to be confused with the PRMC. Obviously. When spoken of course, PRNC & PRMC sound completely different, so no more confusion.

Hopefully someone won a few Herbert Lott's or MBE's at the higher management School of Heraldry, Ships Names and Military Acronyms.

Hopefully that clears it all up.

There are Officers Aquaint visits too, but they're visits, not courses. Happy?

More on the PRNC here: Royal Navy Acquaint Days | Royal Navy

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