Acquaint course, Culdrose


Just a quick question. I'm going on an acquaint course to Culdrose in a couple of weeks, and was told to take casual clothes to wear under a flying suit (non-nylon).

I was just wondering what is normally worn under a flying suit?



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dont know for sure...... but having met quite a few WAFU's in my time, probably along the lines of ....French Knickers or similar type of ladies undergarments, stockings, (hold -up type) with toenails painted a nice cherry red colour !!!!!!



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As a potential WAFU, I would do as they do and wear your jim-jams underneath. Or go 'commando' (go on; I dare you!) :shock:
You won't want to wear anything much under a growbag in the summer - a T shirt and your boxers will be enough.
ok cool cheers, yeah sounds like the most logical option, even shorts underneath would get pretty hot I reckon.

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