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Acne treatment during joining process

Hey there, Sorry if this has already been addressed however i have had a browse and couldn't quite find a similar case.

I have successfully completed my medical and am now waiting on my PRNC. I have however came across quite a few posts where in cases people were denied entry on the grounds of back acne. When i passed my medical I had a fair portion of spots on my back and shoulders, what i want to know is is there a chance this was a fluke and i may get another medical further on and get declared TMU? I have two options, one is i carry on as i am or the second i go on a 2 month course of Roacutane, which i believe i would have to be off of for 3/6 months before my joining date thus possibly postponing my joining date, any ideas on whats the best plan?


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If you've passed the medical, I'd go for it.

Have you been diagnosed with acne by a doctor, or is this a Dr Google self diagnosis?
Diagnosed by my GP and referred to a dermatologist, the dermatologist is who suggested I go on the course of roacutane


You will get a new entry medical after joining
If it’s not severe they will offer treatment once your training is finished
If it would hinder progression you could possibly join the sickbay wounded - have treatment ( whilst being paid) then be back classed


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Ongoing acne treatment with roacutane precludes being passed medically fit to enter service due to the possible mood-altering side-effects of the drug. In most cases, the individual needs to be three months clear of using this treatment.

Ultimately, the AFCO Post Interview Caution states you must declare any change in medical status after the medical examination and you are therefore best off talking to your AFCO so they can get definitive guidance from the Service Entry Medical cell.
Thanks Ninja, I decided against going on the treatment, I feel since I passed my initial medical that it would be best to not jeopardize my current stance. From what I've read on this post I'd say the best route is to proceed with my PRNC and then hopefully 10 weeks basic training. If they pick anything up after then I could look into treatment without hindering my joining process, would you agree?


That would be a good option
I had colleagues on 845 NAS who underwent treatment once in service


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I'm wondering whether speaking to your local pharmacist might help. Not about medication but about things like soaps, shower gels etc. He/she might be able to suggest something you can buy over the counter which helps a little or which at least doesn't aggravate the situation.

I think that the preparations you are making for your PRNC and then joining might actually help a little bit with the acne. I gather from what I have read that eating a good diet, while not 'curing' acne, can make a difference in a small way.

I have done a bit of research and its recommended to use charcoal soap to cleanse the pores so i'll give that a shot and see how it goes. Thanks for your advice.


Anything with small abrasive material will keep the pores clean
The pores block and fill with sweat and oil
The oil makes blackheads
Taking the top off will healp
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