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How bad does acne have to be for you to be denied entry into the navy ?

I have only slight acne on my face but mostly just marks from when I had it bad when I was younger. I never had the face to face with the doctor only a phone call. Will they take this into account when making the decision?


Hello, I had my medical in October and I only have “a few spots “ according to the doctor but I was made to wait couple of months put on treatment for them because they are on my chin. It all depends where they are on you face


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Don't worry about it stress makes out worse.
@Ninja_Stoker is there a reg or docs to decide?
It's the doctor's shout but one of the reasons acne is an issue is related to the common treatment prescribed - accutane and the possible links to mental health conditions. Interestingly the pharmaceutical companies appear to have purged google, but suffice to say it's banned in the US.

Acne on the back/shoulders can cause problems with regard infection when load carrying which can have a debilitating effect on the individual.


Hi mate,
I was on medication for my acne and I have still passed my medical, just have to have a face to face examination tomorrow to check that it isn’t too bad! Hope that helps!
Acne issues very common problem. Acne can be raised on your skin due to many reasons such as oily food, sensitive skin, medical condition and so on. Use natural products avoid fast food, avoid sugar. Drink green tea.

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