ACLO presentation

HI, I have my ACLO presentation of Friday and I was wondering if anyone could give me a brief idea of what to expect.
Should I dress smart, as in shirt and Tie? Will I be given the application forms? What level of Navy knowledge am I expected to have?

From my own experience shirt and tie is best, but wear a suit if you have one.
As for the rest, depends on whether it's just a presentation or an interview. Best to do some revision on naval knowledge - know a Type 23 from a 22 and what a Type 45 is, perhaps; that sort of thing.
On the other hand - search the "Newbies" forum and there might be more detail in there.

So it's Wednesday evening and you have a presentation to give onFriday. nothing like preparing well in advance is there?
Make sure that you have a good iron and a better ironing board than the guy before you and I'm fairly certain you will go down well.

How much notice where you given for this presentation?
Have some questions of your own ready, to make you look like you are keen.

You could ask him, why is the DCLOPp only rated for half duties, whereas the ACLOPp is rated for full duties?

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