ACL waiver

Hello all,

first post here! I was active on and was genuinely sad when the site went down, so anyone from there drop a hello.

Anyways onto my question, I was a significant way through the officer application pipeline in 2021 before I tore my ACL and required reconstruction surgery which has resulted in me being barred from all services. I am hoping to attend Plymouth University starting Sept 2022, due to the nature of my course (Ocean Science and Marine Conservation) I will finish with a degree as well as HSE professional SCUBA diving qualification. This is a commercial diving qualification and, plus the dive hours I will have gained during my degree, should hopefully result in me being a very competent diver.

I spent significant time researching after my injury and noticed waivers into the navy may be given for specialist skills or other highly qualified individuals, does anyone know whether this may apply to my case come the time. I would be aiming to become a mine clearance diver, I know this is a long shot as ACL reconstruction is a definite bar to service.

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@dodgyknee147 I doubt there is anyone currently on this forum who could give you any kind of answer with a satisfactory level of confidence. Take you query to an AFCO who will have access to the necessary information. Good luck.