ACL reconstruction

Hi, I was just wondering weather or not I would still be able to join the Royal Fleet Auxiliary having had an ACL reconstruction in my left knee, or any other role in the Royal navy for that matter, thanks


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There are RFA medical standards, and you will need to pass the ENG1 medical (which civvy GPs do) but I don't think an ACL reconstruction will hold you back as long as you have full function back now.

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Hey, I'm in the army now, and really enjoying it however if I was to transfer to the Royal Marines, would I have to leave the army and re-join the navy from civvy street or could I just say, do the AACC and CIC then transfer to the Royal Marines, without having to go and see a doctor, cause no doubt id fail the medical due to a past ACL reconstruction, even though I'm fine now and in the Army


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ACL reconstrruction is unfortunately a bar to entry or re-entry into the Royal Marines if there's a break in service.

Whilst I'm sure we all know of individuals currently serving who have had ACL reconstruction without discharge, the standards for entry differ to those currently serving.

If you've successfully completed AACC & CIC, you could theoretically apply to transfer whilst serving but equally, the Royal Marines Principal Medical Officer could still potentially block a transfer due to the medical history.

Best bet? Contact the RN Medical Manager for definitive advice, he's on the GAL under NAVY CNR-OPS MM SO3

Best o'luck.

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