ACL Reconstruction

If i have had an ACL reconstruction 2 years ago, does this bar me from joining the royal navy for life, a period of time or does it not affect it?




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It's certainly an outright bar for Royal Marines, however suitability for Naval Service is best advised by a qualfied Medical Officer.
Yeh, i thought it would be for the marines. I would like to join the navy as a weapons engineer. My knee is stronger now than before, and i can do everything i could before.
Ah skiing, the usual suspect! i had a lucky escape skiing, how i didn't break any bones never mind die i'l never know! A novice should stay off the black slopes hey!!! Anyway good luck hope all goes well for you!


It depends on what type of reconstruction you have had. Some are potentially acceptable, some not. The good book still says no to anyone who has had an ACL/PCL reconstructed but cases are individually assessed by a Service Consultant in Orthopaedic Surgery.
Sorry to bump this thread but I just wondering if you could pm me a contact to see about getting an old ACL reconstruction (2007) checked out by an orthopaedic surgeon, as I have just left RMAS due to medical reasons (torn cartilage on the other knee!) and want to become a WESM post-op and recovery and BRNC but need to speak to an orthopedic surgeon to see if this is possible as I've been told by the AFCO it is a bar, yet the Army were quite happy to take it?


There's 2 issues - previous ACL reconstruction which is a bar to entry to the RN and cartilage damage to the other knee. Your chances are slim, I'm afraid.

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My old boss had it done, I popped over to see him when he was on sick leave and basically swinging the lead!

I noticed his phone was nowhere near his chair so when back in the office I'd ring him, let it ring 4 or 5 times, giving him enough time to get up stagger across the room and then i'd put it down.

He got the medical discharge he was after and now he A1 and doing well!!!

Top bloke mind you.

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