ACL Reconstruction

I have just passed all my tests and been declared medically unfit for 2 months due to an ACL reconstruction which i had over a year ago (rugby injury) The AFCO GP requested more info from my NHS files which they recieved, they then requested more info from my GP, which they recieved. I got a call from my advisor saying that my case has been referred to Royal Navy HQ Medical Officer for review. Is ths a bad thing ? The careers advisor keeps telling me that it's just formalities and i shouldn't really worry about it they just want to make 100% sure all is ok. Will I have the chance to prove that my knee is stronger than before ? or can anyone tell me the process etc or if my chances are zero of getting in now. My choices were either Aircraft Handler or Medic and after my RT they chose Medical branch for me which i'm happy to do.
There are many serving personnel who have had ACL reconstruction during service.

The majority continue to be employed fully, however some may have been discharged.

Having had the surgery myself and then further employed I would expect the RNHQ MO would be examining not that you had the surgery but what if any other damage may have been recorded in the reports from the operation.

Hope this helps
Brilliant thanks for that, puts me at a bit more ease knowing that. I suppose they will look at each individual case and decide from there. Do you think it would help my case if i got letters from both the physio and the surgeon saying that they are happy that i am capable of undertaking strenueous excercise ?
As mentioned, my careers advisor is a WO in the Marines and he keeps telling me that all will be fine as he has his ACL torn too and hasn't even had it fixed, he is adamant to have me rather join the Marines than the Navy and is still trying to convince me to change my mind. So he seems confident enough that i should make it, but then again he is not the RNHQ MO !!
Wish me luck !
Robbiesolid, I was in a similar boat to you with my ACL. Only I was told that if I had surgery it was a permanent bar to entry, therefore, I went down the slow physio and rehab route. I passed my medical last October at the INM where a surgeon commander agreed I was fit.

In my opinion the medical is simply about risk, specifically the risk to the service of you ditching on medical grounds before they get everything out of you. But it seems that they are open to you demonstrating your fitness and in my experience are very helpful in letting you know exactly what you need to do to prove it to them e.g. are you playing sports again, can you walk on rough terrain etc.

Good Luck, Robert
Normal rule on ligament reconstruction apparently is that it is a definite no, it is 100% for the army. I was told the other two services have a bit more discretion, I was asked to provide details of my treatment for an MCL injury because invasive treatment was apparently a bar to entry. I only had physio so I was said to be ok, havent had the definite verdict yet though.
Thanks for that, I'm still going to stay positive about it. What i don't understand is that I've heard that the Army and RAF are happy to take you with an ACL issue, where there would be a LOT more running around on the ground than in the navy, i know the RN is physical but i'm sure you know what i mean by saying that. It has also been proven over and over again that having the op makes your knee stronger than before. I reckon it's because we all know that navy is the superior force and they only want the best of the best.
I think you know what i mean, we all know the navy is for superior than all the other forces and of course the neatest and all i'm saying is that in the Army and RAF (gunners) there could be a lot more limb injuring situations ? I could be wrong. By the way can anyone tell me what Subject To Single Service Means ?

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