acl reconstruction

I am looking to join the navy as a logistics officer. In 2005 I had acl reconstruction on my right knee after a football accident. After surgery I went through all the rehab and have now been back to full fitness for two years without any further complications. I have started the application process but have just read that acl reconstruction will stop you doing certain jobs within the navy. Is this true and would it stop me getting in as a logistics officer. This is all I really want to do
When you do your medical as part of the selection process, the AFCO medical examiner will be able to tell you if you are OK to join.


Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

In my case, they harvested a ligament from the back of my leg and used it to replace the ruined ligament, using a bracket in my thigh and staples in my shin bone.

An Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction (for when someone has torn that ligament in their knee). It's something young football players often have to have.

(Sorry Lamri, we were typing at the same time)
Also had that op in 96, had the patella graft

It is also known as Knee Reconstruction.

It is not as much you have had the operation, but whatever other damage may have occured when you were first injured and in between the injury and the op.

As someone has stated, hopefully the medical checks will define what you can and cannot do.

On a lighter note, counting beans and pillows is not that much of a strain on the knee, Sorry, had to be done.

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