ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) problem?

Hi guys, i'm looking for a bit of help preferrably from someone with similar experience but i'm open to advice. Basically i think i may have torn my ACL, i've been looking up the symptoms and they match what i'm experiencing (knee instability etc..). I've had a thorough read through This website and i seem to have a:

Grade 1 ACL tear: a small number of fibres are torn resulting in some pain but allowing full function
My question is since it's so minor would i therefore not require surgery on the ligament as i'm aware that any reconstructive surgery on ligaments is a definate bar from entry, i know that (probably) none of you are doctors but has anyone else experienced a minor ACL tear and got away fine with Physio-therapy, would having Physio on my knee bar me from entry too?

This has come at the worst time possible with my RT in less than 2 days 8O i will be getting myself to my GP ASAP, i'm just wanting to know if having Physio would prevent me from passing medical.

Many thanks
Mate im no doctor, but have fucked my knee up so many times, i have dislocated it god knows how many times through mountainbiking and snowboarding, go see your doctor, other wise it could lead to something worse.
daffy1 said:
Mate im no doctor, but have * my knee up so many times, i have dislocated it god knows how many times through mountainbiking and snowboarding, go see your doctor, other wise it could lead to something worse.
Will do tomorrow mate, i have to go in anyway to get a National Health card for my RT. I've been into Skateboarding since i was 10 (im now 21) and i've never dislocated/broken a bone in my body *touch wood* but i mess my knee up kicking a football around :evil:

Any idea whether it will bar me from entry? I've read that this is a common injury and tbh it's not bad at all, im still down the Gym squatting + skating + running etc... on it so it's not inhibiting me in any way which is why i believe a little bit of Physio is what i need... we shall see what tomorrow brings though!

I really cant answer that, all i can say is see your doctor, but as you said you seem to be quite active on it so it might not be as bad as you think.
The internet is probably good at giving you further information, once you have seen your GP and ascertained what the problem is. You seem to be stressing yourself out on what may or may not be. Pain is natures way of telling you that you have a problem and not to further aggrevate it by doing stupid things until you have it checked out by a health care professional. When you have a qualified opinion/diagnosis then come back on and ask if others have had the same problem and what was their outcome. PM Angry Doc who is helpful and oblidgeing, Super Mario and others may then be in a position to offer advice. In short get qualified help.
Mate, seek professional advice on this one and don't read stuff on the internet, taking it as gospel, as no doubt you will suffer ALL the symptoms and come away thinking the worse.


I sometimes wonder why I bothered reading medicine for 6 years, then studying for postgraduate examinations, and working all the hours God gives me, then some more for research, when all I really needed to do was use Google.

Unless it's a complete cruciate tear, I can't tell if it's abnormal or not without an MRI scan- you obviously know lots more than I.

If you would oblige me though, I suggest you see someone with a medical degree who will assess you by taking details of the injury and clinically examine you, then refer you either to physiotherapy or orthopaedic surgery.

Of course, you may just have a sprained knee, the most likely diagnosis, but that's not complicated enough really, is it?
I would like to add to this discussion to say three things:

1. I sustained a grade 1 tear of the ACL 2 years ago and the pain, although short lived, was incredibly intense. If you immediately drop to the floor when you turn too sharply then your some way to diagnosing an ACL issue.

2. ACL injuries often have medial ligament damage, meniscus damage and bone bruising associated with them.

3. You are in for a hell of a lot more hurt regarding the RN even if you only have a grade 1. It has taken me two years to finally prove to them I am fit for service. Pray its just twisted.

i tore my ACL in 98. im no Dr so cant tell you to what level the grade of the tear was but i didnt require surgery. instead i was in plaster for 6 weeks and then after that had physio for some time if my memory serves me right. 11 years is a long time though i suppose?

i remember at the time i was in agony. whilst not doubting what your saying, having had an ACL injury myself i find it hard to believe youve done serious damage if you are still skating and running as you say you are. but hey ho if thats the case then good luck to you!

my injury was through a change of direction playing football. a lot of footballers seems to injure the ACL/PCL as a result of slowing down/Landing/stretching/twisting etc and not neccesarily physical contact (i.e Roy Keane/Gazza/Jagielka more recently springs to mind)

my advice is to get it checked out ASAP and scrap the Google diagnosis.
personally my injury waasnt that bad if you compare it to todays professionals but most of us cannot afford the money or the time to have thw treatment they getand get back on teh road to recivery. it was over 18 months before i was ready to go back on a pitch mentally and that bridge to me was bigger than the physical one.

i wish you all the best

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