Achtung, Grammar Nazis!


War Hero
The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) backed moves to reject a new wave of grammars in the absence of proof that it aids social mobility. Now you say it contains a what??? Just an old Killick Golly here sunshine, I got no feckin idea!


War Hero
Repoman, a split infinitive is where an adverb - in this case "vigourously" is inserted between the two words of an infinitive - in this case "to oppose".

It's an arguable grammar issue - I can remember people criticising "Star Trek" because of the use of the phrase "to boldly go". But my point was that in a case where the NAHT opposed "Grammar" schools a phrase was used which involved a use of grammar which is debatable. Possibly to deliberately wind up grammar nazis - whoops, there goes another one.

Whatever, I would expect both the NAHT and BBC to put their outraged faces on if they knew you used the word "golly".........



Ach, so.

Ze very first paragraph contains a split infinitive......

Does this say something about head teachers, or the BBC?