Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by BillyNoMates, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Going through an 'orrible bout of sciatica right now. It fu**ing hurts.
    GP's give me a big bottle of something called *Methocarbamol* which
    knocks it back a bit (enough to get to work and back at least), but when
    my right arse cheek starts giving me hell - the pain rockets down the
    right leg and continues on into the foot and gives me a right good
    going over. All the toes on me right foot are numb as **** and it's
    starting to piss me off.

    So - all you docs on here....what causes this sort of downright nausea?
    No sleep because I cannot get the leg/foot into any sort of position in
    order to rest (wife is getting threaders) and if it wasn't for this big
    tub of tablets (2 pills, 4 times a day) I wouldn't be able to sit down/
    stand up or get through a day without yelling a hell of a lot.

    Anyone tell us how to get rid of it? Next GP's appt is on Thursday,
    so I'll see what they say. Had to go to Derriford A & E when it first
    started.....pain was unreal for almost six hours. Had this for almost
    3 weeks now and I would be grateful for any info you can provide.
    (I trust our scablifters - I do...honest).

    Yours Painfully,


    X X X
  2. Of course i ain't a doctor but my friend suffered this after slipping a disc which then affected her Sciatic nerve and gave her jip- any possibility that that could have been the cause? She was given painkillers and some physio type excercises to do and thankfully was fixed after a few weeks and it doesnt seem to be recurrent. Hopefully it will pass soon for you, it sounds horrendous :(
  3. Suffered myself with this.
    Best description, it was like someone sticking a knife in my right ass cheek and twisting.
    It was traced to a trapped nerve at the base of my spine.
    A bulging disc was pressing against it causing the pain.
    Very nasty.
    Solution was pain meds, chiropractor and physical therapy 3 times a week.
    Took about 3 months to be back to normal.
  4. I had it when I tried to lift something heavy and found out it was fixed by one hidden bolt, agony as you describe in the right bum cheek and no chance of finding the comfy spot to try and sleep, standing up straight was agony as well. It lasted about 2 - 3 weeks before it eased but it still comes back to haunt me now and again.

    You'll just have to suffer Billy!
  5. Time = 22:48. Yup. Waiting for the drugs to tone it down even as I type this.
    The top of my right foot is now starting to make its presence felt. Bastard.
    Be okay in about 10/20 minutes and I'll hopefully be able to get through the
    next 8 hours or so. Never go sick unless I'm completely fucked - which
    would explain why I'm here in on overtime instead of at home dripping
    like a septic cock and trying to get me head down in the recliner in the
    living room.

    Onwards and upwards.
  6. **** - methocarbamol? Shite. That's why you feel shit.

    Codydramol 10/500 2 tabs 4 times a day
    Ibuprofen 400mg 4 times a day (if you're ok with anti-inflammatories)

    If that doesn't do it then amitriptyline at night or gabapentin would be next choice. Metho is an unusual choice go back to see your GP. You probably have either a disc or nerve root irritation but the vast majority of cases resolve with pain relief and a bit of physio.

    Let me know if probs.

    Emergency Physician

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  7. I use Gabapentin myself but for a seizure disorder.
    Seems like more and more its being prescribed for pain.
  8. 06:00. Almost end of shift. My leg is driving me barmy. (Top of right foot feels like
    someones stabbing it). It's going to be a ******* fun drive home. Just yaffled a couple
    more tablets and hopefully should get home without screaming my bastard head off.

  9. Billy, as well as the drugs, try some gentle back tretching exercises to kind of pull things into place. One really good one is called humping and hollowing - no - really. Look on the interweb for more - if it hurts too much - don't do it.

    Pity you don't live here - I can buy 100 5mg Diazapan for about 2 quid over the counter here (sorry AD!) but that relaxes the sore bits and also helps sleep to come. It was originally prescribed for me in the UK for my bad back, so I'm not a druggy. Well not really!
  10. There's no role for low dose sedatives like diazepam in back pain. 5mg is a homeopathic dose and will do **** all, unless the placebo effect gets you.

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  11. Oh and gabapentin is primarily used for neuropathic pain, not seizures.

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  12. I know there are many reasons and treatments but I've noticed quite a few in my job suffer from it. Sitting on one's arse all day watching the clouds go by seems to exacerbate the problem. I started to suffer a bit from it in my port arse cheek and my mate asked me what was going on as he watched me squirming around in my seat. I told him and he said his doc had lectured him about our sitting position and the way we bend our spine when seated, which then radiates the pain down to our bums and further (I should have been a Dr with all these medical terms with which I'm so familiar). Anyway, lumber support was suggested as an answer. Mr Boeing provides all sorts of weird and wonderful drivers' seat adjustments and one of these is the ability to dial in and out some lumber support, which can then be moved up and down to find the right spot. I never used to like the feeling of this digging in my back so used to keep the seat flat. However, following this conversation I began to use the lumber support and I haven't had any problems since.

    Not withstanding the qualified medical advice from AD, might I suggest you look into providing your back with some decent lumber support when you're seated. You can get proper supports that you can take with you for use in your car, office etc and I don't think they're overly expensive. That and standing up for a bit of a back and leg wriggle every now and then might work.

    No placebos were harmed in the making of this post.
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Codydramol 10/500 2 tabs 4 times a day Billy if you can your hands on these they are the Dogs whatsits as AD says
  14. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I suffer from periodic bouts of sciatica that leave me limping around in circles and unable to sleep because I can't get comfortable! I'm useless with painkillers - even cocodamol knocks me senseless and unable to think properly so I struggle- the one thing that seems to work is a portable tens machine I bought from boots used on full whack, it takes the edge off just enough so I can function and get comfortable. As soon as it kicks off I start a series of stretching exercise the physio showed me and its normally gone within a fortnight- except last time when it spread up into my hip and I felt like an arthritic 90 year old for nearly a month!

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  15. In the pre generic days. I used to take Neutontin. Now I take the generic Gabapentin.
    I follow this stuff pretty closely. Only in recent years (here in the States) have Drs been able to prescribe Gabapentin for uses other than epliepsy.
    I understand the use for nerve related pain is pretty widespread nowadays.
  16. Misses swears by her tens machine and acupuncture and stretches, as she is already on AMITRIPTYLINE 10mg to 20mg (bed time) Tramadol, 100mg DICLOFENAC/MISOPROSTAL 75/250 mg tabs and Ibuprofen 600mg for other issues so when sciatica kicks in she does not need anything else, she even adds paracetamol if her temp goes up.
    Just picked up a good multifunction tens machine from Lidl with 4 pads on leads, to add to her small 2 fixed pad one.

    Are you sure that is not your true age????
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  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Isn't that the "oodouriser" that Stewards use to help relax their puckered tea towel holders..? :shock:
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  18. Aches'n'Pains (Update)

    Saturday @ 13:30.

    Been inside an MRI machine (emergency/cancellation) and now I've got to wait
    for the results. However - prior to this at another appt, it was suggested that
    I try accupuncture, which I shall think about.
    The experts have said something about a problem with a nerve going by the
    name of "L5". I still hurt (a lot) but a varying assortment of relaxants, painkillers
    and oral morphine (i.e. that sweet sugary stuff) will keep it down to a dull roar.
    The top of my right foot is just toppers with acute stabbing pains and the rest of
    the foot is as numb as ****....which is strange. They also talked about a "dropped foot".
    My right foot tends to now drag a bit and don't work like it should and it keeps on
    wanting to point outwards (to the right) - so I walk like a crippled ******* penguin.
    Got a high pain threshold - but this one has beaten it a few times.

    Sciatica is a bitch and no mistake.

    Billy NoPainNoGain
  19. Accupunture can be the cat's tits...I twisted my back and the muscle on my lower back, right hand side, used to go into spasm and make me say all the sweary words I knew.
    I went to a chiropracter (Fuckin arse fuckwittery that was).
    An oppo suggested accupunture, which I reckoned was another load of bollocks and witchcraft, but as the pain and spasms were getting worse I thought wtf......£40 later and it was gone, as if someone had taken a knife out...absolutely mind bogglingly brilliant...those witches certainly knew their stuff.
  20. Billy I know the pain. i have anerve trapped in two places. Nureo surgeon wanted to operate but could not
    give more han 50% success so I declined. Since then which is 6yrs ago my spine has deteriorated big time.
    Coctail of daily drugs but still hurts like hell. Had Knee replacement last year. Anethatist wanted to do a
    epidural but after several tries he gave up as he could'nt get the needle in as totally fused. General used
    instead.It's that bad now walking to the bus stop is a no no. Just got to get on with life and be thankfull.

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