Accumulated Campaign Service Medal - what are the rules?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by dubaipusser, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. The 2005 issue of Broadsheet has a picture and a few words on the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (ACSM) but I have been unable to get any gen dit on this bit of bling - can anyone help?

    I got the AFGHANISTAN OSM in 2003 and am now pretty close to having done 36 months in total 'in theatre'.

    The AFGHANISTAN OSM is still ongoing so my reading of the short piece on the ACSM "... recognises 36 months or more of accumulated campaign service that has been recognised by the award of a campaign medal, a clasp to the GSM (from 1969), or an OSM" suggests that I should be able to bang in for a bit more hardware - can anyone confirm this?

  2. Ahh you young glory seakers. In another few years if you hang around you might be able to get a clasp for the London/Wolverhampton/Birmingham campaigns.
  3. Already got that one - but thanks for the 'young'!

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