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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. Taken from this week's Popbitch:

    >> Arabian nights <<
    What Islamic countries do on the web

    The country where "sex" is searched for most
    often on google is Pakistan. Also in the
    top ten, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Indonesia and
    Saudi Arabia. When the terms "boy sex" or
    "man boy sex" are entered guess which four
    countries top the charts? Pakistan, Iran,
    Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

    (Sadly in all these countries, although man-boy
    sex has long been part of the culture, if you
    try to practice it you generally end up just
    fucked by the police.)

    Hey, it's on Popbitch so it must be true.

  2. Sadly? 8O
  3. Just to put it into some context, remember A'isha?

    She was betrothed to Mohammed at 6-7 years of age and the marriage appears to have been consumated when she was aged between 9-11 years old, according to the website of Jamaat-e-Islami (I thought I'd choose an Islamic source of information on this sensitive topic).

    Theologically both the Koran and Bible both legitimise this practice, but we are asked by theologians to look at it contextually. Any religious fundamentalist of course, Jewish, Christian or Muslim who believes that their holy books contain absolute eternal truths logically also must believe that marrying and then having sex with children is OK! Their argument is of course that the onset of puberty is God's sign that they are ready. Contextually that might have been the case. Today we call that behaviour abuse and its advocates paedophiles - unless they are religious - in which case we call them devout and are obliged to respect their beliefs, etc.

    I am surprised Shakey that this problem exists in Muslim countries, though logically I don't know why I should be.
  4. but then you have to remember there life expectancy in them days was alot less than it is now, so things tended to start sooner on the marriage and reproduction stakes
  5. The difference was not that much greater. It depended upon diet and affluence. The poor tended to live until their early to mid-40s whereas the rich tended to live well into their 60s. Mohammed himself lived to the age of 63, I recall. To be fair to fundamentalists, a man could marry a girl of 12 until the early reign of Queen Victoria. Live slavery, one of the un-Biblical, progressive things Evangelicals did in those days was to campaign to bring this about. How times have changed. :?
  6. but then if a girl is capible of reproducing from that age, and she is at her fittest, strongest etc is it not going against nature to stop girls from that age having babies and getting married?!


    P.S Not my view just an intresting view point!
  7. Yes.
  8. The sex at under age 16 was banned in the UK during Victoria 's time.
    I think--it was part of the big reforms to protect young females from predators.
    In those days there was a lot of poverty and not much education.

    As for the young marriages --well if you look back in the UK /European Royal Families histories there was young marriages then--part of the countries alliances ways of doing things.

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