Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by robbo9, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Hello, I am thinking about joining the navy.

    What is the accomodation like on shore and on ships?

    Plus, what is the actual typical job of a OM?

    Also how hard is it to become a Naval officer, compared to an Army officer?


    MOD: Adapted for you :wink:
  2. Re: accomidation

    With spelling and typing like that.............join the Army !!! :lol:
  3. oh some one is a funny one
  4. OK, serious answer.

    Accomodation - during basic it'll be messdecks with 20+ others. As you progress into the fleet it varies. Most ships it wll still be large mess decks, with a pit (a bunk) to call you own and a couple of lockers. The latest Type 45 destroyers you'll share with up to 5 others.

    Nowadays there's satellite TV, internet access etc so you're well in touch with home. Ashore, increasingly you'll be in a single cabin.

    What does an OM do - have you taken a look here yet? Others on the site can tell you more.

    As for Officer, horses for courses. They'll look for different things to be a RN, Army or RAF Officer. I wouldn't say it was easier or more difficult, just different. It depends on what temperament and personality you have, you may find you fit better in one or the other.
  5. If you're lucky enough to live in at NELSON, your (huge, en-suite) cabin will be twice as nice as a SR and 10 times better than that of an officer.
  6. If you have the qualifications to become an Officer why join as an OM?

    If you are bright enough, join as a Wafu!

    All you fish heads know you would join as a Woo if you had your time again!
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    I was a wafu for several years and branch changed to the General Service. I am now v close to getting my buttons whilst my peers in the FAA are only getting their hooks.

    Says it all really........

    The notion that wafu training is the hardest out of all rating branches doesn't hold any water with this callsign-believe me, it isn't!
  8. Robbo have you joined yet?

    :twisted: More than happy to offer you a view on the difference between Army and Navy. There are huge difference, mostly revolving around your personallity and ability to deal with people - if you can join the Navy, if you can't join the Army! :)

    Let us know what you decide...
  9. I'll second that!
  10. Whatever you do, don't join as an MA. They have a crap time!! Us nurses, however, have a very cushy life in luxury accommodation with no Phase 2/3/4 training to go through - just a couple of wee courses - we're left alone in our nice luxurious cabins with all the mod cons that we could cram in... and we get paid quite a lot too. Mind you, you have to deal with patients on a day to day basis and work shifts at the crappest hospital in the world (That's QA in Pompey)! so it all balances out!
  11. Why not?I did and had a whale of a time!You have frgotten to tell him that you need to get you registration first as a Nurse!So thats 3 years of training as a Student Nurse!Not a lot of dosh for those 3 years either!Of course Direct entry into the QARRNS is a piece of piss!Once you have got your Registration that is! :? Tell the WHOLE story not just the nice bits!
  12. Better still be a train driver and get paid loads of money for doing next to nuthin' and then you can afford to go on holidays to all the nice places that the navy used to visit before "jolly" became a dirty word..
  13. QARNN01 wasn't I married to you once?
  14. Hey guys. Whats wrong with joining as an MA QUARNN01?? Thats the branch that i'm thinking of joining. Does anyone have any pointers on this and what is the day to day role of a MA really like once your in? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Go for it!Those Dorises dont know anything! :lol: :lol: :lol:
    (see your other thread for more)

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