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Currently in phase two training, loving it etc but the accommodation is an issue.

We have no working clothes dryer or drying room (so me and the lads need to pay for dryers over at the galley), heating comes and goes and the showers are freezing cold, we have no hoover and have paid for ironing boards ourselves.

We have reported all of this since September.

We also pay the highest accomodation price out of all phases 2 trainees, when everyone seems to at least have the basics.

Does anyone know where I could go to try and get my accommodation refunded?


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I don’t wish to seem unsympathetic, but by now you should be at the stage where you know whom the point of contact for such problems is.

Having reported it through the accommodation office and nothing having been done, your next port of call should be your DO I suggest, although a question asked in the UPO about refunding of charges might be worth a shot.


I figured such, I just don't know if with the problems listed above are worthy of an accommodation refund or if such a thing even happens.
Make a service complaint. Let your DO know first, but in all honesty, your entire CoC is tied in accommodation issues such as this. The SC will ensure that they have the ammunition.

But speak to your DO first!!!!

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Fully concur with the comments above. You are paying for a standard of accommodation which you should reaonably expect and if you are not getting the standard being paid for via the accommodation provider, then the Divisional route is the way to go.

Whilst it could appear outwardly trivial, the fact remains that contractors are being paid and failing to deliver. The whole accommodation issue is one that seriously needs looking at and the more ammunition there is, the stronger the case to deliver the goods.

Good luck.


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Submit a request to your DO to make a complaint to the Captain (or whoever the top bod is) that should shake them up.


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