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Anyone else been stung with paying accomodation costs?

I did a 3 week course down at Raleigh and found that I was billed for accomodation. I have since been billed again even though the course was in February.

Me thinks JPA strikes again.

Can anyone tell me if we have to pay accomodation costs now when on course, because I can't remember paying it before, and so far its over £200.
Never paid - EVER!!!

Think there's a faux pas there mate, unless its something else they sneaked in without telling us.
I've only ever had to pay an EMC (extra messing charge) which worked out on the order or a pound or so a day. I'd definitely chase this one, shippers.


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You should pay something, although the amount varies. We whined for years about being treated equally. We are now being treated equally warts and all - what's the problem?
You should pay something and it may be correct that it is spread over 2 months.
Depending on dates. Overlapping with cut off dates for JPA.
If you get billed a third month then you have problems.
That's a rate of about 300 pounds per month, which for a single room with access to shared facilities in Plymouth is into the realms of commercial property letting. Were you in service accom?


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I was in the new accomodation in Albion Block, which I have to say is first class, but the cost per week at the moment is nearly £100 looking through my chits for the last 3 months. I don't mind paying a bit, but that seems a bit steep especially has I had to take unpaid leave to do the course and my navy pay isn't even half of my normal days wages, yet again I end up out of pocket, and getting even more naffed off with the RNR. Especially as I can do this course when I deploy and not lose any money at all.


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Have to admit this is the first time that I've heard of the RN charging reservists for accommodation. It's bad enough that they are starting to charge us for food now. Like you mentioned, a lot of us take unpaid leave to do all this stuff. I know we don't do it for the money, but we don't expect to be out of pocket either.


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"It's bad enough that they are starting to charge us for food now"

FFS - you pay food anywhere else. You are being paid to turn up - if you don't like paying a couple of quid a day, like you would anywhere else in the world, then perhaps the RNR isn't for you.

Stop moaning about paying for food - its the new way, lets accept it and move on.
I must say its one thing paying a couple of quid for food, but I agree, £100 a week for accommodation seams over the top. You get paid expenses to travel to these locations so why are you then expected to pay for your stay? Something isn't right... :toilet:



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All sorted, (although not paid back yet). It appears that despite pointing out to the UPO that I didn't have the paperwork they were expecting as I was a reservist and not full time, they put me down as a Regular. Therefore I got charged accomodation.

Lesson being make sure that the UPO is aware that you are a reservist by marking all your booking in docs clearly as such and don't go in with the rest of the class who are regulars as your paperwork will be processed with theirs.

Standby for another forum when its not in this months pay packet.

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