Accommodation pusser style

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Gosh how smart, one could almost ask the RAF to live in these conditions. (Takes tongue out of cheek).

    It occurs to me that it would still be worth (would not cost much) putting slinging hooks in here and there to increase the total number of bods who could be accommodated in an emergency.
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  2. Looks like you would have to go round to the next mess, to get enough,players for a game of Uckeers :toothy10:
  3. Looks like someone got a job lot from Ikea!
  4. Those beds are certainly a lot wider than the standard pussers bunk of yesteryear suppose they have been designed for two brown hatters in this more liberal navy
  5. What a pleasant change from the 4w mess Ark circa 70's, Po's Mess type 22's, and Chiefs billet Ark 1990'.
    Altogether a great improvement for the lads and lasses of today's navy. Couldn't see any coin slots by the bunk lights have they stopped charging for personal electrical use or is it metered and done by direct debit?
  6. The accom on the new CVF looks better than an entry level Cunard berth. Incredible that with a bit of thought we can go from T42 accom to that in the blink of an eye.

    Happy with that.
  7. Got to pick up the bill as yet ffs.
  8. If love blossoms between lady sailor and jack, and they marry, would they be allowed to serve on the same ship, if yes. is the next step a double bunk, then following a civil ceremony......................
  9. In todays PC world only the minorities are taken care of, double bunks will only be the Gay & Lesbian element.:drunken:
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  10. Judging from the serving members on this site I was under the impression that the G&L element were in the majority.


  11. No, not for me, tried it once, had to give it up, made me eyes water.
  12. I tried it twice just to make sure it wasn't just hay fever.
    Doc gave me Piriton and penicillin. (Didn't know that cured hay fever.)
  13. I was part of CVF original design team, should have been, JR's 4 to a mess(box) 2 boxes shared B/R & heads, Killicks 2 to a box 2 boxes share B/R & heads, SR's own cabin each share B/R and head and OFFICER on sweet cabins, skipper big /cabin/quareters with the option to fit a big admiral quarters, not sure what final design was I left the team before they cut steel, the Idea was to build off site then fleet in the whole accom block then weld on a bulk head. But I can not remember there being any communial mess area?
  14. Had an oppo when questioned for his PV he was asked if he had been with anther male, (back when it was band) He said yes, he recollection with the investigators jaw dropped, then he told him he was safe because he had tried it and did not like it, it was all those unknown you should worry about? He passed his PV
  15. What a picture your description of the officers accommodation paints for me; very twee, I love it.
  16. Wot sort of music does this Block band play?
  17. Block music of course.
  18. I
    could have said en suite" but there were too
    many gold rings trying to get the best for themselves, (sweets for the little boys)
  19. No girls in the band then

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