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Does anyone have any pictures of the accommodation onboard any current RFA ships? Searched extensively online and couldn't seem to find anything... Thanks in advance.


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Any particular reason you are after these?

Standard Petty Officers cabin RFA Wave Knight and Officers Cabin RFA Tidespring, Officers dining room on RFA Fort Victoria

I cant see much for the crew side of things, only a few pics of lively evenings in the crew bar!

Trimline has a corporate video that shows glimses of the stuff they have been installing on our ships recently
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It varies from ship to ship... crew cabins usually have TV, desk, fridge & a bed(size variable), wardrobe & a few drawers.

Tide class have small double beds, older ships have smaller beds.

Most ships have a shared toilet & shower for crew.

You dont generally get a choice of ship/class so dont get used to one type of accomodation.


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Im guessing the cabins have a 65 inch plasma screen for the football haha

Only if you are hanging out in the Captain's cabin after he has given the OOW strict instructions on the course to steer :D

For other times and everyone else live TV occasionally can be hit and miss depending on what satellites our receivers can see. For the most part people have 22inch flat screens in their cabins and yes a lot of football, rugby, cricket etc gets watched on them, the British Forces Broadcasting Service TV channels show most matches. The bars have bigger TVs in them.


need to become pals with the captain then hahaha, im not holding my breath for seeing much football especially being both a celtic fan and Scottish hahaha I'm just hoping for the odd episode of coronation street then it really be like home haha

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