Accommodation in Plymouth

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by deejay075, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. I am in Plymouth for the weekend 1-3 Aug and wondered if anyone could recommend a decent B&B in the town centre at a reasonable price. Many thanks
  2. Last time I needed a hotel I stayed in the Future Inn, near Derriford Hospital (bit away from the town centre I know). Really top notch hotel though - great big rooms, very nice bed (!), very new, and only £65 B&B!
  3. Stayed at the Holiday Inn on the Hoe recently. has its own swimming pool and fitness suite, and a buffet breakfast, so you can go around the buoy as many times as you want :pukel: . Dead hand for the town center and only a short stagger from Jesters :thumright: Have a look at the Holiday Inn website for bookings and dont forget to select the government discount rate. If memory serves me correct cost £77 instead of the usual near the tonne mark. Booking earlier gets you the cheaper rates and best chance of the room you want... :w00t: Good luck
  4. we always stay at the travel lodge at lockyers quay which is handy for the barbican.
  5. R you still serving? book yourself some acomm. at DRAKE. Why pay for it when there are still a few perks left to us in the 'pusser'. You should also be able to get family accom. if its available.
  6. If it is a tonne, do you have to pay in Euros?
  7. At moment Drake is very short of accomodation on the Senior Rate side. Few members of our organisation that have required to stay there recently had to be put up ashore :w00t: . Dunno what the score is JR side of things though
  8. Try thr Royal Fleet Club Plymouth 35 single 70 double, a bit basic but good staff and central
  9. I am still serving and would appreciate some numbers for booking accn at Drake. I am a Captain in the Army so I guess the Officers Mess contact details would be excellent if someone could help out.
  10. In the senior service sweetie, we call it the Wardroom!
  11. Many thanks for the correct title of the Wardroom Rosina. I am now booked into my "cabin" at HMS Drake!

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