Accommodation for single Service Leavers - London

Haig Housing Trust Trials Transitional Accommodation for single Service Leavers – Project TASSLE

From 5 August 2009 Haig Housing Trust is trialling a 8 bedroom scheme in London which will provide secure, low cost, transitional accommodation for single Service leavers to help them find employment and establish themselves in civilian life. Project TASSLE is being piloted in two 4 bedroom flats in secure student type accommodation in Hackney, well placed for job seeking in London including at the Olympics site at Stratford.

Each resident will have their own en-suite bedroom and will share a communal kitchen/living room with four others. If the scheme is well subscribed, Haig Housing Trust will consider opening up similar schemes in areas of good employment across the country.

For single Service leavers the transition to civilian life can be difficult. As they have lived in heavily subsidised accommodation during their service, the cost of accommodation outside the Forces often comes as a shock. Many cannot afford the cost of private rental, rent bond etc, whilst they look for employment. Without accommodation the chances of successfully obtaining employment are reduced, and many end up sleeping on friends’ sofas or floors. Project TASSLE will give successful applicants an address and firm base for up to a year whilst they seek employment.

As Haig Housing Trust is not a support organisation the scheme is not suitable for the vulnerable, or for early Service leavers, for whom other schemes exist.

TASSLE accommodation will be strictly time limited, with a maximum stay of 12 months. It will be a condition of the license for those accepted onto the scheme that they are there to actively seek employment before moving onto other accommodation. Haig Housing Trust will assist residents’ job hunting by facilitating links with employment and training agencies.

The rent of £120 per week is inclusive of all utility, service and management charges. For an application pack please call Haig Housing Trust on 020 8685 5777 or e-mail to [email protected].

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