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Accommodation for Officers (Pilots, Aircrew etc.)?


What is the accommodation like generally for Officers on Ship? Or more specifically Aircrew, eg.would an embarked flight be separate to the rest of the crew? I imagine it differs according to which type you're on. Also what is the accommodation like for Officers (Aircrew) when on base at Culdrose or Yeovilton? Or do they live off-base?
Thanks a lot,


War Hero
Their cabin doors are wider at head height and their pillows are more robust but that's about it.


War Hero
You forgot to mention the specially adapted wardrobes to accommodate:



War Hero
Aircrew are only available for Cab Washes when in the tropics. They then spend 30 minutes playing with the fresh water hoses mainly spraying the water at each other. They then get bored and retire to the bun house:D
Slim you forgot to add only when the rest of the ship's company is on water rationing.

Or Having a BBQ!

Excuse me shippers can you move your towel I need to move this seaking that will be picking up your mail tomorrow?

Kin woo's you think you own this flightdeck!!!

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