Accommodation at MOD ABBEYWOOD


I was wondering if anyone has ever served at Abbeywood and has any tips on areas to stay in Bristol. Also, best ways of maximising the money they give you for a flat.

Appreciate any advice
Served there in 2004 and had a small flat in Bradley Stoke, wanted my own place so I didn't have to clean up around anyone and leave my tinnies and plonk safe in the fridge. And it was within jogging distance to ABW.
Not sue what the allwances are now but I was more than happy with my place, if you share it stands to reason you will get a bigger place - you don't get the money Pusser pays it for you to your landlord so you can't go on the piss with it and live in a caravan!!


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Stan's right, the Mob pat ot for you. There are some nice places to be had though, right on the riverbank in spitting distance of the waterfront bars and restaurants. You also get free train travel from the city centre to AW.
Cheers for the info guys. Sounds like I will have to have a look around Bristol first to see what I fancy. I think I will try the city centre for the night life and get the train in to ABW - didn't realise driving was crap in the centre.

Cheers again
I commute from Bath to Bristol on the rush hour Abbey Wood Train and it's hell, always full and always 4-5 numptys trying to get bikes on board, it's two filthy carrages, its always late or cancelled, so if you can find somewere in walking/running/bike/busing distance


I worked in Bristol and stayed in SSSA in the city centre. Can reinforce comments about driving around Bristol: traffic there is apparently second only to London for congestion. City centre is good because it's convenient to bars, restaurants etc but be warned that, at night, Bristol city centre is not a nice place to be. I frequently finished work about midnight and the walk home, whilst only 15 mins worth, was not pleasant. So yes, you will be near bars etc but it's not like Gunwharf!

Re money, the rate is dependent on your rank/rate. If the agency can't find something for that, up to the quite specific SSSA standards, then they will go up in cash until they do. This doesn't affect you at all. My flat cost more than the allowance but I didn't suffer as a result.

The HCR rep is pretty decent: PM me if you need her contact details.

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