Accommodation after BRNC

I am married, and would like to know at which point in the officer training people are able to move into married quarters with their wife. Does this happen during branch training (i.e. right after BRNC) or at a later point?
It depends, on what branch you are joining. If you are GS then you have the gamble of moving your wife in to a MQ in Portsmouth only to realise that you will be joining a Devonport ship. Plus you need to be realistic about the length of time you will be away at sea during your first appointment; would the wife be happy moving to Plymouth/Portsmouth then to only see you periodically?
GS is General Service, as in ships. So after BRNC you will be off to Raleigh for ILOC, then off to sea. Either Portsmouth or Devonport and you will be at sea for your ALO time.
It's up to to each school, for the rules regarding Phase 2 training. However, I am sure a married man wouldn't be denied the option to reside ashore in the MQ's.
Think very carefully about the impact of moving you wife into an unfamiliar environment before you know where you first long term posting will be.

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