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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SkullFuct, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone. First post, I've been reading for a while and found a lot of advice on here invaluable.

    Just wondering what sort of accommodation us AET's get at Sultan and then when we're ashore on a base somewhere like Yeovilton.

    For training I thought we got a fairly spacious double room to ourselves and same for when we're based somewhere. I'm in my mid 20's so I'm wondering if I should just ebay all my belongings if I don't have anywhere to store them for the next year.

    How hard did AET's find the Sultan training? Fine as long as you didn't spend tons of nights at the bar or would you say it's degree level maths n that.
  2. At Sultan you'll be in a six man mess, Culdrose is the same til you're rated AB1. No idea about Yeovilton sorry, though common sense would dictate that it's similar.
  3. Dude, I don't have a clue about my accommodation at HMS Raleigh or HMS Sultan, I'm going AET too, but they will put a roof over your head, you will be living with other blokes, and you will have a bed to sleep on.
    As for possessions, for basic you take minimal, only what you need, as for phase 2, find that out when you're on phase 1?
    A spacious double room to yourself, as a trainee? Come on man. If they do then great, but I wouldn't go into the armed forces expecting that.
    Storing your possessions, how much stuff you got? If it's furniture you're talking about, unless it's particularly special stuff, flog it. You have no friends or family you could dump it around for 9 weeks?
  4. hi

    Accom at Raleigh will be in large 30 man messes, with no space for personal belongings. The last ime I visit Sultan the accom was 6 man messdeck, and you have alrge wardrobe to stow your stuff in. Most of the other Naval camps have now had the new SLAM accom built which is similar to modern student accom ie own bedroom with en-suite and shared communal spaces kitchen, living room.

    In honesty you will not have a lot of space and could obviously find yourself at sea at some stage. Therefore, I would keep your personal stuff down to a minimum.


  5. Or keep it in your bedroom at the mother's house :angel3:
  6. Wow that's interesting. 30 man mess for Raleigh!!

    That's crazy!! I bet I'm going to be exhausted for Raleigh because of some git snoring! Arrrgh!

    Yeah it may have seemed a silly question but I watched a few videos on Youtube and they appeared to have quite nice spaious double rooms with a double bed etc.

    Ok I'll just ebay it. I have some furniture but I had planned to ebay that anyway.

    If any AET's who went through Sultan could let me know how difficult the course is and maybe point me in the direction of some books that'd be great (I just ordered Engineering MAthmatics by KA Stroud after trawling through the forum). If you could let me know whether you felt you had time to really study all the angles in training, or whether you felt it was rushed or badly organised that'd be great. I want to get studying asap but apart from Stroud don't know where to start. :)

  7. What the hell you going to do when you get on a ship, maybe the wardroom will make you a special case and let you have a spare cabin.

    As for reading material, The stuff they give you should be enough, I would believe that if you have a good understanding of GCSE maths that sould be enough.

    Joint force Harrier accom at Wittering is SLAM blocks.
  8. :roll: 60 to the mess on HMS Victorious AED. For us nice Wafus and bunks 3 high :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: PS You will have plenty of boots incoming, to eleviate you of your snoring habit !!!!!!!
  9. SkullF

    Could you give us links to the videos on YouTube which show the spacious double rooms please?
  10. :wink: :wink: Could be on the Daring?? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. I was on the Daring a couple of months ago on the RNAC and I didnt see any double beds. 4 man rooms yes, with a reasonable amount of space. King Size en suite, no.

    Possibly a youtube video of an US ship? Was there a McDonalds too?
  14. haha yes I would expect to be in a mess type sitch when on board ship. I had hoped it was different for on shore though.

    And I just remembered where I saw the clips of a barracks and it was on Danny Dyers most dangerous men and an Ex Bootneck went to visit his old accomodation and he was saying "well look at that...double rooms and double beds. In my time this room would've been a 6 man block."
  15. Hi Stix,

    Thanks & yeah I wash all my clothes, iron all my clothers, clean my apartment and cook my own meals daily so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Yeah that's fair enough, conserve place for people that are no doubt going to fail.
  16. WHAT!!! I was promised an en-suite with room service and a maid to sort the out the cleaning.
  17. Lol I've done a few courses in my time and there's always a few that drop out.

    I thought Phase 2 for AET's there was quite a high fail rate?
  18. when you get to sultan you go into 16 man messes for 10 weeks. Then you move into the 6 man messes for the remainder.
    AET fail rate is only high because people dont put effort in. If your RT score is high enough for AET your perfectly capable of passing if you put in the work. And theres still more than enough time to piss up your wage during the month!
  19. Dont get drafted to a 42 they have shit accom divide them 2 and bring back the 21s
  20. Dont get drafted to a 42 they have shit accom divide them 2 and bring back the 21s

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