Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by spudjock, Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. Ok went on a wee tour of HMS Diamond today very cool. But have to ask a stuipd question, seeing the accomadtions, when the ship finishes op tours and heads back to Portsmouth, do the guys get barrack accomadtion or do the stay messing on the ship. Living in such tight accomadtion for say seven months at a time woukd be no to bad, stayed in worse in the army in iraq and afgahn, but couldnt do it for 12 years plus. Surley the guys get barrack blocks?
  2. Nope.

    And don't call me Shirley :)
  3. You mean that they live off a tiny bunk 365 a year every year? What if the say by a book to read? A tiny two foot locker and a small foot locker for space? Would imagine that your issued kit would take up that space. Like i said, fine for ops but not a permeant life.
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  4. Yes they do. To quote Oliver 'Its a fine, fine life'

    You will soon get used to it. The major plus point: Its free :)
  5. No. You get annual leave, weekend leave, night leave. You can rent/buy accomadtions - many, probably most these days, do just that.

    You will also get the odd shore draft, the ratio of which will depend upon your chosen branch.
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  6. So you can never own a suit or a tool box? Cause where would you put it? Thats inhuman. So no way am i joining up if thats the life. I know i use to live under a poncho for six months at a time. But that was six months, not 16 years.
  7. That's right. No-one in the Navy has a suit or toolbox because their whole life is spent onboard.
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  8. One of your a's isn't working.
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  9. Sorry you have to put it in crayon pongo here. So you come home after serving at sea for x amount of time, then what?
  10. You get leathered and shag a lot. :)
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  11. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oh I feel quite seen off having a single ensuite cabin with a porthole. No one to talk to, no one else's music to listen to, no snoring to keep me awake... Oh to be in the RN...
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  12. You go home. To your house.
  13. I get the impression that many army personnel live in barracks when not deployed? That is not the case in the Navy. When the ship/submarine is alongside in base port many of the ship's company live out in a place of their own choice (not barracks) just as they would if they were a civvy. Of course this is not mandatory and those that do chose to live onboard (with the disadvantages that you mention) may do so. In this case they will have to leave their suits and toolboxes at their parent's/friends' house. If an orphan I suppose storage can be arranged - at your own expense of course.

    Edit: To summarize, what MLP said ^
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  14. Thats messed up. Sorry but you can forget that. As much as i miss the forces life, i will be staying a civvy with my own home and own suits and toolboxes
  15. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Where's home?
  16. This has completely lost me. What is wrong with renting in your base port area? Would you really want to live in barracks? I honestly don't understand this.
  17. If your a Jock and want a cabin then Submarines is probably the way to go. You don't live onboard alongside. But as Pusser can't forward plan junior rates are now sharing what was a 1 man cabin between 2 people.
  18. Oh well. Never mind.
  19. Check this out as a level one private in most camps you get your own room, all to yourself with two big lockers and desk, and a set of drawers to keep all your kit in and decorate as you see fit. The rent is dirt cheap and you can buy your own tv and have some where to put it.
  20. Im guess 90% of your take home goes on food and morgate payments. Whats the point in serving in the forces?

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