Discussion in 'The Corps' started by frankieb, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Im half way through the proccess of joining the RM I was just woundering what accomadation was like after training as a commando? eg do you have your own room or do you share whilst on base in the UK
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I had a tree growing through the wall in my spider block, it sprouted near my pit. The accomodation was brilliant, it was a shite hole so if you trashed it or swamped the carpet whilst drunk no-one ever knew and best of all because it was classed as sub-standard we didn't pay any rent.... :thumright:

    Unfortunatley things have improved some what since my day, the accom is generally OK but varies from unit to unit, hopefully someone with more recent experiance than me can give you a better heads up.
  3. I thought Project SLAM encompassed the whole of the Armed Forces Single Living Accommodation.
  4. Acomadation my dear boy :bball: All I had was a hole in the ground, at least it was air-conditioned and had running water :thumright: While on board ship we had hammocks, after 18 months I got used to it on the last night onboard I only got cramp once :dwarf: We shared the mess mind you with rats and cockroaches :whew: but no matelots :pukel: :tp:
  5. This question was last asked in October 2006 and here was my answer:-

    It's all single man rooms and each has an en-suite bathroom with jacuzzi and bidet. 42 Commando recently upgraded to a Laura Ashley theme throughout the accomodation but 40 Commando has been pressing for a more avante garde style with a much bolder pattern on their duvets. In Arbroath 45 Commando has retained a more traditional tartan decor with additional underfloor heating for those harsh Scottish winters. Bang & Olafsen stereo systems and flat-screen plasma TV's are standard in all units but only NCO's are issued the 42" models.

    Oh...... and for the 99% of your time when you are not embarked, living in a hole in the ground or away shagging some gronk these accomodation standards may not apply.

  6. worry about passing training first mate

    ps 45 grots are hoofing, my favourite part is the on-call masseuse

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