Accomadation in Phase 2 training?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scarface2009, May 9, 2009.

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  1. If i pass basic training, in phase 2 will i be sharing a room with 30 other lads like i would have been at basic? or will it be a much smaller group?, ill be at Maritime logistics school at raleigh, also can i bring my stuff from home down as well in phase 2?

    p.s i might have made a few spelling mistakes
  2. If its like mine in collingwood then its usually a 6 man mess. And you can bring your own stuff to a certain extent. Dont get to used to having a 6 man mess though because it will change again when you get onboard
  3. Hello All

    Am sorry but am going to bring this up from the dead

    I was wondering could i bring my own stuff down with me, e.g TV? if i pass basic i will be at maritime logistics school

    and how many people are in a room
  4. Room? Rooms in the Navy? :roll:
  5. FFS Mess then?

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. Don't make him angry!

    "say hello to my little freind!"

    Joking mate :p
  7. If that makes you angry you may as well quit now.
  8. Bring your TV, PS3, PC, Sofa, Bean Bag, Cooker, Full ward robe of clothes the works. It will be fine honest
  9. So much for a simple answer
  10. Where does it say we have to give a simple answer?
  11. The answer seemed reasonably simple to me. Highly sarcastic perhaps, but simple :D :D
  12. You'll be in Hawke division at Raleigh as a phase 2 sea spec afaik, gash 30 man mess just like phase one.

    Choose your branch...
  13. What's it like at HMS sultan? The rooms I mean
  14. Just wait till you go to Raleigh and make your decision from there as you will know whats going on.
  15. Square, door at one end, windows at the other :lol:

  16. Not wrong there. Accommodation for starters. Two keys to the right of the letter M is one of these (.) Try using it from time to time. It makes posts much easier to read. :laughing8:
  17. Is there no straight answers?

    I mean that really isn't funny man... :p
  18. Oh yes it is!!
  19. WHAT!! This simply wont do. I'd want at least an en suite with room service. 30 to a room is just so common
  20. In these cost conscious days messing arrangements are as follows:

    Pt 1: sharing a mess with 30 other spotty teenagers in 30 single pits: one matelot per pit.

    Pt 2: sharing a bed with 30 other matelots

    Onboard first ship: hotbunking...

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