Access to private medical records?

Hi all,
I’ve got a tricky question to ask and would appreciate any advice!
I’m 30 this year and going through the RM recruitment process. Last year I had some counselling through BUPA for my drinking. From researching the medical requirements, it looks like you have to be treatment free 3 years prior to joining if they have concerns for alcohol misuse.. which may put me above the age limit for RM, which is gutting as I’ve really got my life together again.

I didn’t get a GP referral for the counselling from BUPA, I was able to organise it direct through them but don’t know if it will come up on my medical records? I understand that once you join the RM you sign over consent of all ‘civilian’ medical records, does that include private treatment records? I’ve had previous surgeries done through BUPA which were GP referred, so I am guessing they would want the full details from BUPA on those and would probably see the alcohol counselling.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - want to know realistically if I am wasting my time pursuing RM. thanks!!

Chris P

War Hero
The only way you'll find it is to start pursuing your goal, don't think anyone on here will be qualified to answer you question unless they've been there and done that, cross the bridge when you get there don't over think the negatives, just have a reasonable response ready if it comes up..