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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by doncaster86, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. i would like to know do the ships and subs have any fitness equipment on board? and does all the training establishments have gyms like hms raleigh etc.

  2. I don't know about subs. But the ships I've served on all had something.

    The Stumpy 42's had rowing machine and bike down near the sonar space. Weights on the upper scupper. On the OPV I served the sickbay doubled as a very small gym with bike and rowing machine etc.

    The bigger the vessel the more space they have.

    All bases will have a gym. I'd be surprised if they didn't
  3. All the ships and establishments i have been on have had canny phys equipment on it. By the look of most submariners i would suggest they dont though lol
  4. I take offence at that! I'll have at you just as soon as I've finished this pie.

    Seriously though, boats do carry fitness equipment. Most fleet boats will carry at least on concept 2 and a bike of some sort, along with some sort of selection of weights etc. Bombers carry more.

    The problems on a boat are time, with 99% of the ships company watchkeeping it means training off watch, and the boats programme. Depending on what the boat is doing there may be restrictions on the use of the equipment. Plus, if everyone was a fittie the showers would get hammered and the MEs would need to make more water. Not always practical.

    There are some who'll tell you that it's unhealthy to train in the enclosed atmosphere of a submarine, but they're mostly fat.
  5. Bombers have shit loads of gym stuff - usually 2 or 3 concept rowers, couple of bikes, treadmill, possibly versa-climber plus free weights and a bench. Water's not an issue on patrol, and usually gym not used alongside or on work-up so showers no probs. And youre right - its only the fat cnuts who say its unhealthy to train on the boat!
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    How times change, only bit of keep fit gear I ever saw on a Diesel boat was a Bullworker, first time it was used by the Steward he put his back out and the Skipper threw the Bullworker over the side.
  7. Remember them,we had one on the Onslaught.
    Trapped me nipples in the springy type thing,didnt half hurt.

    Went back to slinging 'fish' about instead! :lol:
  8. So that was the clank I heard as we were trying to keep silent, as it hit our saddle tank when it drifted passed into the deep. All I was trying to do was get some shut-eye after a spell in the control room, the things we stokers did!!!
  9. Surely it was just like a vigourous love bite and really you loved every minute of it! :twisted:
  10. Ok,who blobbed me up? :lol:

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