Access denied (NMC)

Earlier today, one poster placed a new thread which I regarded as offensive. I wrote a sarcastic reply - no swearing or personal attack. There have been other replies since my post (I was first to reply), however, when I try to access the thread I get a message saying that access (to me at least) is denied.

Why is this? Who has done it?

I'm not throwing my toys here, this is a genuine query! To date I have not received a pm or explanation.

Anybody there.............?


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If a post moves from one public forum to another a 'redirect' is sometimes left on the front page. If a post is removed to Admin a redirect will hit a cyber wall except for logged on Admin and mods. NotmeChief's offensive threads have been removed, nothing wrong with your post SB.
Well, fighting sneaky with sneaky, I have just logged out, to see if I could view the thread. No is the answer, 'cos it looks like it has been pulled.

Good, because even if what NMC had posted was the result of a drink and drug fuelled Saturday night, he should have dwelt a pause of two marching paces before posting such puerile and offensive drivel.

I truly hope it was not viewed by any friends or family of the deceased.

Post duplicated in NMC What a length!


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I was the Moderator that moved the aforementioned thread, to be removed from public view. In due course the Administrators will make a decision about what to do with it and the OP in question.

Apologies to other members who posted; the decision was not aimed at you.

Thank you for your forebearance.
Sorry if I sound like a smart arse, but generally people are assigned dynamic IP addresses by their IPSs when they swithch on their routers.

SEP86 said:
I expect the email address could be blocked.

It would be possible to block a a chunk of IPs from a single ISP, but this is quite a blunt tool, and may block other users unintentionally.


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And rightfully so. We need fuckwittery and absolute mlaardom to maintain the status quo.

Now go slit your wrists you dull ****.
You are so right mucker. It's the ying and yang thang.

In this case, cut across and not along. I want to hear more of his inane ramblings as it makes me feel important.
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