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I've been browsing through some options on the website and I'm just here to ask a question before I contact the local AFCO.

I'm from Scotland and my further education has spanned the last five or so years. So we've changed the way we grade subjects from "Standard Grades" to "National Certificate" and so on. I'm going to do my best at assuming the equivalent to both of them are the standard GCSEs. I have more than five of them at "A*-C" level, however, I'm missing the A-Levels or "Highers" as we'd call them in Scotland.

Question is; I'm looking at the role of an RN Officer and I'm not entirely interested in the mechanical / medicine side - however, Warfare Officer sounds very interesting. With this, would an HND in a STEM subject be accepted as an equivalent to the A levels requirement or would that be born on a case-by-case basis?

I've also looked at the graduate section on the website, however, that also has the same requirements for entry. Any information would be grand and if anyone has been in the same pickle and found a way around it that would be cool. Regardless, I'll be contacting the AFCO in the coming week!



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When you visit your AFCO take all education certificates with you so they can be scanned and emailed to AIB for verification.

HNDs are usually OK in lieu of A Levels depending on academic content & grades achieved. Generally triple awards require a minimum pass at merit (M,M,M), dual awards at least Distinction, Merit and single awards not accepted.

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