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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Clouseau, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Given the introduction of JSP 740, (which outlines acceptable policy on Defence IS and communication systems), do we think that people who access Rum Ration while at (MOD/RN/RAF/Army) work run the risk of disciplinary action?

    Ebay-ing is unacceptable, viewing obsence material is definitely unacceptable and conducting personal comercial business is certainly unacceptable. What about accessing your bank?

    I access RR while at work.... I'm having second thoughts though.....

    Infact, I think I can see the Internet police walking through the office...... This may be my last post......... I'll hold them off as long as I can......If only I had liste................................
  2. LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT.....HALT! CAP OFF, BELT OFF , F..K OFF!, as one of my ex-pongo mates would say....
    OK so during working hours is probably a no-no, but surely if we are not endagering op/peresc then there should be no probs.....and that's what the moderators are (partially) there for?

    Hope they didn't hurt you too bad mate 8O
  3. Probably a breach of the JSP and local SyOps. However, you can always claim that it is in the interests of the Service to monitor RR and to offer advice to other RN personnel or potential recruits.

    That's my view anyway, so when at work I only really look at the "Newbie" and "Fleet" forums (Should that be fora? Or fori??) rather than Diamond Lils and risk viewing dodgy jpegs or links! :oops:
  4. Forae?
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    WHo are you calling Four-eyed?
  6. Would the defence `I was carrying out research work` work?
  7. Possibly. Ask Pete Townsend :wink:
  8. Forum is singular, fora is plural.

    Likewise Agendum is the singular of the plural Agenda.

    And of course, Salem is the singular of the plural Sailor! :lol:
  9. Steve I am glad you are writing this at home, cos if you were at work I think a bit of Sect 16 Theft Act 1968 Obtaining a Pecuniary Advantage may come into play. Do not your Lords and Members keep you busy enough on this guff.

  10. Nutty,

    I have been open at work about the fact that I have found RR therapeutic for coping with stress, homophobia and earlier bullying at work - by discussing it and discovering I'm not alone. So they know I use it at work and I haven't been told to desist.

  11. The inevitable spread of the thought police and the fun going out of Service life. I would probably argue that I get more true news and understanding on here than I do looking at the MoD Homepage and the sanitised bo**ocks that it often radiates. I know that the Pprune Mil forum gave DFG an interesting insight into one of their less successful contract decisions on aviation POL packaging.
  12. I agree. RR is a good source of information not always readily accessible elsewhere. For those of us who work in the ivory towers it's also a good way of dragging our heads out from above the clouds.

    Without RR I would not have known, for example, that there was violation of war wrecks by divers and that something needed doing about it.

    It's also nice to hear the other sides of stories: from Iraq to the PornoPadre, from the RN's apparent underappreciation of the important work the RNR volunteers perform through to the practical effects of underinvestment in the RN itself.

    Free speech on RR is great! I like the fact that topics can be discussed and debated. :)

    The humour and the photographs... :lol:

    Finally, and best of all, is learning what a great bunch of people you all are. :D
  13. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    I think it is fair to say that accessing RR through the MOD IGS is within the acceptable use guidelines. Obviously, you should be doing it during your stand easy's only now (big nod all round north to south please).

    If RR is deemed to be unacceptable, then so would ARRSE.

    Trust me on this one, using RR does not breach any JSP Guidelines......
  14. In what way is it pecuniary? Is it not a service by deception under s1 TA 1978?
  15. What?????

    PS you charging for this rosy?
  16. No I thought not this time as I am under the NDA for the weekend! Thought I might give free legal advice for a change!
  17. if the RN do not want us to access this site they would have IGS'ed it donks ago. Crack on is my feeling

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