Accelerated apprenticeship second interview

Hi All,

I am currently going through the process of joining the Royal Navy as accelerated apprentice marine engineering. I have received a start date and prnc date. I have also been told that I will have to have a role specific interview as well. I don’t know when it will be and my career advisor doesn’t ether. Just wondering has anyone had this interview or know anything about it?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Mate, Had my 2nd interview a few weeks ago for AA ET (WE)
My AFCO was quite vague about what I would be asked, but it will roughly follow the same format as your first, with a lot of emphasis on any 'gaps' you have. What the AFCO is trying to do is pad out your application.
Mine focussed firstly on my job and hobbies. He was trying to nurse out of me examples of managing people, workload, exactly what I do. Then moved onto knowledge of weapons and ships, then onto engineering principles and basics.

At the end, he sat down, said where my application was looking good, and what I needed to work on. For me it was practical experience, so I was given a list of things to do / learn in preparation for the specialist interview at PRNC.

Same as first interview, be honest, swat up on Mechanical Engineering principles, and specifics in ships serving. Any info you can give on new Tech in the QE class would be a bonus. But, at the end of the day, it's also a chance for them to help you 'plug holes' before PRNC. Remember, AA courses are MASSIVLEY oversubscribed, so you need to excel in all areas to have a shot of getting through.

Good luck. Whens your PRNC and Entry?
Thanks mate, sounds like their just trying to get more information on experience etc. Just thought it was strange having another interview after getting a offer, even though all offers of service are provisional offers.

My PRNC is at the end of September and start date at Raleigh first week in November. When’s PRNC and entry?


Hi I have been following the thread. My PRNC is at the end of September and start date at Raleigh first week in November. My PRNC is at the end of September in Rosyth. thanks for the information.
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