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Hi chaps,
im about to qualify as a sparky after doing my 3 year apprenticeship with an electrical contractor,
looking to join the RN by going in the AAS,
the last 3 years at work ive pretty much not done any electrical work, ive been passing tools and watching my boss, apart from when ive been working with other members of staff, which is when i actually get hands on and they show me stuff and let me actually do some work,

my boss is conscious of customers not wanting to pay bills etc incase ive taken too long to do my job, but im an apprentice, what do you expect? im never going to learn unless you let me do it!!

so my question to you guys is, if i get into the RN, what happens if my not the best at my job? will I get booted if i dont show competency? Will they advise I swap job roles?
Whats the daily routine? Checking all equipment is running as it should, if not, rectify it?
What if i dont know how to fix it? Will this be fround upon, will help be given?
Im just worried that i might not fit the bill although i'll have a level 3 qualification in electrical installations.

thanks for reading and i hope you guys can help me

kind regards
If you don't know how to fix something, you ask. Not knowing is accepted, covering up that you don't know isn't. You'll be part of a team, emphasis is on team.

As a CPO electrical rate I often came across defects and equipment I hadn't seen before and had to ask around, there's no shame in it. You may get the piss taken but the boot soon ends up on the other foot.
Spot on and thank you for your reply. I’ve passed fault finding exams at college but nothing with relays or contractors involved but I suppose I’d learn all about that in professional training.
I’m sure there’s so much to learn and take in anyway that you need a good team behind you as everyone is bound to forget certain things. Thanks again WreckerL.

May I ask, was you ship or boat? Maybe both? What are your personal opinions on living under or on top of the water? Cheers
First 3 years I was surface, got drafted to boats but stayed on them for the following 30 years, I found on boats I was given more responsibility plus left alone to work on defects, especially as a Junior Rate. There was always someone there to assist and advise if I needed help.

surface fleet I found I was only involved on my section.
I used to pretend to carry Wrecker L's tool bag. I didn't know anything then...and I still know nothing. I also had to ask alot...
I used to pretend to carry Wrecker L's tool bag. I didn't know anything then...and I still know nothing. I also had to ask alot...
That's true, 3 days in the ACS waiting for spares to turn up spring to mind, especially as we were at sea and got a shake saying there was a PAS boat on the horizon bringing the spares, took a while to convince me it wasn't a wind up :)

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