Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by tommytucker1989, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking at applying as an AC, but I do have some questions for some wise ears.

    1. What is the training pipeline and careers progression like in the role?

    2. What sort of drafts and jobs can you expect to carry out?

    I have a basic idea on both of these but would really appreciate any further wisdom that could be sent my way.
  2. Why don't you pop down the careers office and ask the nice chap who gets paid to answer your fucktardy questions.
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  3. Cheers for your constructive words, really appreciated.

    My AFCO was my first port of call and I have spoken to him in depth about the role, I was just after an insight from from those who have been through the training and actually know from experience what to expect.

    Once again thank you kindly for advice, but I would like to point to your attention to whom I addressed this question, not sure if you noticed?
  4. Don't know much about training but you'll either be on ship or at Culdrose/Yeovilton for positions.
  5. There's someone on here who will also be able to add 'a hot and sandy spot' too.
  6. I'm glad you appreciated my advice.

    The spoon feeding of idle internet trolls is too tedious for most of our members. I, on the other hand, will continue to educate you, even you have been given official information by the AFCO.

    Don't bother with the search function on this site regarding any other joining up newbie questions....just start your own "Which iron, trainers , toothbrush, iphone app, tampon etc etc thread.
  7. AC=aircrewman?
  8. Some shore drafts, some sea drafts...... Jobs will mostly consist of controlling aircraft!!

    No, Aircraft Controller. A branch consisting of RPs who don't keep watches, only go on the plot during flying stations, only interested in helicopters, thinks he/she owns the MCO photocopier, doesn't turn-to part of ship, blue card alongside! ;)
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  9. It's just a shame they don't seem to know about it themselves. I'm in the ws part of phase 2 and I still haven't found out any gen info on it.
  10. Just out of interest spidiver, what tampons do you use?

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