Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by LRD2002, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone has some good advice/ hints/ tips.

    I kind of feel a bit silly as i initially started my application wanting to be a Logistics Officer as i thought i had enough UCAS points. I then realised i didnt and would have to take another A level but carried on anyway.

    Unfortunately my psychometric results weren't quite up to scratch and i just missed the mark.

    Ive decided i dont want to wait...i know im commited to joining the Navy. Im 25 and have done enough to know this 'normal' life isnt for me anymore!

    I went back to the careers office to discuss options...they obviously suggested personnel logistician, which does make sense...however ive looked into it and dont think its for me. Its similar to what im doing now (well, i work in law but have done PA jobs in the past) and isnt really the change im looking for.

    He also suggested AC, as they are looking to actively recruit at the moment. Obviously its never been a burning desire of mine to be an AC (but im not sure if anyone would actually know they want to do that!)

    Im booked in for my selection interview next Tuesday and now starting to panic!

    Im happy with all the 'routine' parts of it - im not trying to play down the difficulty/ importance but being 'slightly' older i have lived away from home, had a mortgage etc etc so im cool with all those questions.

    However ive looked more into the AC position and realised you have to do the Flight Aptitude Test. The maths part of the psychometric test is where i fell down...although i still maintain im ok at maths and was just frazzled by that point!

    The careers guy obviously knows my psychometric score and apparently i did score average, so surely he wouldnt have booked me in for an interview knowing i want to be an AC if the grades werent good enough?

    Ive found a booklet to download on the tests to practice and i think it would be a good idea.

    I feel so confused....i really don't want to seem flaky but no part of the Navy has really grabbed me... to be honest i feel really open to suggestions and am really keen to try something completely new & different.

    Im sooooo sorry for the uber long post, but if anyone has any CONSTRUCTIVE advice, then please feel free to help someone's who is totally confused! :?

  2. I am an AC and I'm gash at maths like you wouldn't believe. It's an awesome job but is very aptitude based, you can either do it or you can't. PM me and I can tell you all you need to know.

    Welcome to God's branch.
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    :lol: Good luck, I would have you join up tomorrow.
  4. Hi Guys

    I'm hopefully joining up as an AC. Just got my FAA medical and then the Fitness test to do. I'm getting excited about joining up as AC looks a real interesting job.

    I've PM'd you (MLP, witsend) with some questions.

    Hopefully see you in the FAA in the near future...or God's own branch as it seems to be referred to :p
  5. Thank fck I never had to do the FATs to become an AC, I'm thicker than pig shit.
  6. The FATs were pretty intense. Over 5 hours of testing. I passed with a score good enough to be Observer, Pilot or ATC so looking back I have quite fond memories lol.

    Hows life as an AC then captainobvious - you recommend it?
  7. Providing you're able to learn quick and aren't shy of a bit of hard work every now and then, it's awesome.

    Though if you've scored high enough for Pilot/Observer/ATC, why not go for one of those? More money, better living and working conditions and a less gay uniform.
  8. I'm halfway through basic having joined as an AC. It worries me that everyone looks at me in shock upon hearing I'm AC. They all talk about how hard a job it is. But basically, who would want an easy job? I'd much rather take the stress of AC than be a crumb brusher to be honest. Log (Pers) is not particularly interesting either I imagine. Sitting in an office sifting through leave applications and processing currency trades aren't the romantic life the navy can give you.
    I am also in mid-twenties in very similar situation to you, so all I can say is that I would recommend you also go AC. From what I've seen so far, the maturity will help with the job, the pay is better and as a WAFU, you will always have a suntan. If you want to know anything about application process, FATs etc feel free to PM me.

    The FATs were quite probably the toughest thing I have done in my life (mentally) but there is nothing in there to be worried about per se. The maths is very basic, it's the fact that you have to answer quickly, accurately and sometimes while doing something else.
  9. What does 'processing currency trades' mean?
  10. Everyone has a job to do bud.

    Some may not be as romantic as you put it. But as the they say, it's a team effort.

    What happens to your leave if someone doesn't sift leave apps?!!!!

    'Crumb brushers' as you put it, probably have a greater chance to seek like employment when they leave the service.

    Get some time under your belt before you slag off other trades.
  11. Don't worry too much about that, the chances of you being challenged in the next 12 months or so are slim to none, enjoy the easy life while you can :)
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'd be interested in seeing Witsend's advice on things WAFU :wink:
  13. Waspie

    Remember two things in life:

    1. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. :lol: :D

    2. Everybody takes the piss out of Stewards, lets face it they are a total waste of space in this day and age. A hangover from when occiffers could afford their own manservent, these days most of them can't aford to buy a round for their division :p :oops:
  14. Thanks for your reply Scriv, i've tried to PM you but i don't think its working? Can you send me a message then i can reply.

  15. join up as an AC, thought it was side ways entry only!! unbelieavble, nozz bag AC's now!
  16. So, what the fcuk do you know then?
    Why? Do you look like Joey Deacon?
    Again, how the fcuk would you know? Let's see how exciting you think your job is when your answering phones in Culdrose admin or plotting Notams. All the while the "Crumb-brushers" etc are cutting around the Bondu in Afghanistan doing out of area jobs.
    You are a sprog who hasn't even passed basic, how can you recommend a job or how maturity will help?
    And you're in your mid-twenties? My god you must have led a sheltered life.

    Get some fcuking time in before you gob off about other branches you little tart, you're part of the RN not all of it. When all is said and done, you're an RP with an adqual so don't think that all the smoke being blown up your arrse by the AFCO means a fcuking thing. Our paths will almost certainly cross at some point, and for your sake you better have changed your attitude toward other branches.

    Which tit is telling these fcukers that they are gods? Oh, hang on, it's always been like that. :roll:

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