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Just a quick question, i am halfway through basic training and have had a branch lecture on AC. We discussed the grading in week1 and i asked if it is similar to the FATs, we were not given a clear answer. The guy who was talking to us had not seen the FATs so had no idea if passing them was a good indication as to whether you would pass the grading.

Does anyone know if the fact that i passed the FATs for AC means that passing the grading will be no major problem?
I've never taken the FATs, but I imagine grading is significantly different, there's no psychometric testing and certainly nothing similar to the CLAN test. You'll get loaded up on info (all aviation related) for an exam, have a couple of sessions in the aircraft control simulator (a couple of SCAs, an ELVA and a Vectac I believe. Don't worry about those, it'll all be explained). You'll have to give a 5 minute presentation on something aviation related (Don't do the fcuking Wright brothers).

Essentially it's there to judge your capacity to be taught aircraft control, not your ability to actually control. Be keen, listen in the classroom and if you don't understand something ASK.
ok thanks for the reply.

i was getting a bit worried because they made it sound like it was something you could pass or u couldn't (like aptitude)
It is an aptitude thing.

You either can do it or you can't, the last lot that went through had 2 people fail as far as I know, though in contrast my grading (way back in the mists of time) we all passed.

Don't worry about it though, if you fail there's a new stewards course starting at Raleigh every 4 weeks!
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