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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by C20, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. C20


    I passed my FATS mid Feb and was told by my careers officer that he would bid for a place as from then. He did tell me he expected it to be september-ish but just yesterday he called to tell me I have a medical in Gosport in August. Does this mean I will not be going to Raleigh until much later in the year or is September still possible?
  2. That was a bit confusing. The FAT bit suggests you are going for an aircrew officer role but the bidding for a place and Raleigh bits suggest you are going for rating entry. Which is it and how do they all interconnect?
  3. C20


    Rating entry as aircraft controller, I was rather surprised to realise I had to do FATS when I was told back in january. Then even more shocked to learn I need to do a aircrew style medical as well. The ruddy finishing line keeps seeming to move further and further away :?
  4. Fair enough, I didn't know they did FATs either - every day's a school day
  5. Well done one the FATs. Fun eh?

    I appreciate waiting times are getting longer but an August medical is a fair wait - I passed my FATs in January and have my medical at Sultan the week after next.

  6. C20


    Fun isn't quite how I'd describe them :) You really don't have a clue how you're doing mid way through either do you?? Still, all over now!

    Do you have a start date yet Woodrow?
  7. No I don't have a start date yet. I didn't realise they start bidding for a place after you complete the FATs - I would've thought they'd wait to see the airman medical results first.

  8. C20


    That does make sense actually, I may be in for another shock if that's the case! Hope not though!

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