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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by johne, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. Help needed please.
    My laptop went dull. Not charging so I thought duff AC adapter.
    Got a new one but still not charging.
    Any thoughts as to why please ? Battery running low now.
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  2. John

    Is there something wrong with the connecting bit in the side of the laptop into which you plug the adaptor? Sometimes they come unstuck and wobble about and need resticking.
  3. Buy a new battery. They can go tits if there always on charge

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  4. Also had a similar snag, turned out to be the power adaptor connections onto the mother board, need a full strip down and re-solder
  5. It defo sounds like the connection to the mother board on the inside. I have repaired a few for mates whose machines have gone down. They are easy to do. Just google replacing the motherboard on your particular model; this should tell you how to strip down the body and it's pretty straight-forward from there. Good luck.
  6. Have you tried something as simple as removing and replacing the battery to make sure it is seated correctly?

    When you plug in the adapter does the little icon in the bottom right of the screen (system tray) change to show that the laptop is running on mains power or does it still have a battery icon (prob showing a low level). If it doesn't change to an icon with a plug showing that it is connected to mains power the posts above about connectors are probably correct.

    If it does change to indicate that the laptop is running on mains power then most likely either your battery is duff or not connected properly.
  7. Thanks for all your help.
    Tested Ac adapter and its ok,so it must be the mother board.
    Might just bin it and get a new one.
    Seen a HP pavillion 14 which runs on Chrome for £189 at Currys.
    Sounds to cheap to me. Never had Chrome before, always windows.
    Any opinions?
    Thanks John..
  8. Depends what u use a pc for if it's just browsing and watching films ect get a nexus 7 or similar

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  9. This happened to me and it turned out to be the battery! No idea how you would check that though without a spare battery? Can't help about the Chrome thing, I thought it was just a different internet browser haha- sums up my techno abilities
  10. The connection into the motherboard would be my guess.
    £10 for the part and about an hrs labour.
    Search on YouTube for your laptop.
    Most can be repaired with small screwdriver and a soldering iron.
  11. If its more than 5 years old and wont run more than 10 mins on a full charge, the battery is done. Older versions of windows could do a "battery calibration" but it cant recover an exhausted batt. It only has a finite no of charge/discharge cycles. Replacement batteries are available for most models, past a certain age (10 years or so) its a lost cause. Post model numbers if you want help looking for replacements.

    If its the loose connector, you should be able to see it go from on charge to batt power by the task tray icon or motherboard beep, by wiggling the connector. Seeing as you've already bought a new adapter you may as well disassemble it and have a go at re-soldering it to the motherboard. Beleive it or not, the power connectors only have a finite no of insertion cycles also.

    As for chromebooks, they are great, if you like a laptop with a real keyboard/mouse setup. It does most things you could want of a computer. Downsides are the Chrome OS, they weren't very secure about password storage but they're not the first and prolly wont be the last to do so. You cant install windows based software, but you can use google docs, google drive etc etc. see here link for a simple overview which might help you decide
    You can get a bluetooth keyboard to go with a tablet should you prefer a more trad feel, tablets are nice to use on the sofa for a casual surf. Personally I like the Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Notes. The iPads are nice but I can get a decent laptop for that price. The Nexus is good too, the new one is particularly so.
  12. Using a multimeter (if you are able to) you can see what the open circuit voltage is on the battery. Most have a 4 or more terminal connector, two are the DC supply, the others can be thermal sense, fuel state sense resistor (newer battery charging management ICs have connections for that). For example, for a battery that is nominally 19.8v, when it drops below say 14v (exact voltage depends on system design) there is no longer enough DC voltage into the charge management circuit to turn it on. By the way, if you don't know how to use a meter, leave well alone. You can short the battery, start a fire or make it go from pop to full on BANG. Meters usually have a fuse to protect them, but its not infallible and some cheaper Chinese ones can give you a surprise as they meltdown.
  13. Not sure if you have done it, so still suggest check if you have Capture02.JPG or this Capture01.JPG in the bottom right when your adapter is plugged in. If you have the second, it isn't your motherboard or connection as windows is showing that it is plugged into the mains. Thus it will be a battery problem. If the former, then there is a connection problem somewhere.

    A chrome book will be a 'netbook' type lightweight laptop, probably with a solid state drive rather than a traditional har drive. It will thus boot up faster a bit like a tablet. Storage will be limited but the chrome browser that it is designed around will give you fast web browsing. No good if you want to store movies and phots for example, but fine if you just want some rum ration and facebook.

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