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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Maybe his community service should be spent cleaning war graves and memorials.
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  2. .....Probably because we as a nation allow them to get away with it. All in the name of Inclusion which certain elements have blindly signed up to (!), dragging us all along. Except our Bearded Brotherhood of course, who have their own agenda and don't give a sh*t about 'Diversity and Inclusion'.

    The situation within the UK can be summed up as thus : Last week, I overheard an all-embracing lecturer (Marxist perspective) stating that it's 'OK for 1 in 3 schools to now be faith schools as half are C of E primary schools'. Though why a Marxist is satisfied with religion in schools at all is rather ironic.

    Just how many other types of 'faith' schools does it take to breed sleeper cell candidates from within I wonder ?

    [As an aside- be careful when stating which website your quotes come from - despite the fact the same snippets of info being posted on Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook are also found on the BBC website, those on RR who consider themselves to be Intellectual Giants appear to take issue with other members quoting from tabloid sites-despite the fact of course the BBC is no longer 'The BBC' as we know it and was broken up and privatised some years ago].
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  3. What are you trying to say? I have a beard and so does my brother!
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  4. Stone him, stone him!!!
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  5. You may find yourself out numbered.
  6. Me as well but not my brother, well half of one a Goaty

    Sentence far to light, make comments of that type, in many countries against ruling bodies or Armed forces and you would be lucky to see the light of day for a long time if ever.
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  7. Think you may have missed the point!! Please watch life of Brian
  8. Have done a few times that's why I read brother twice just in case I had miss read mother:naka::naka::brave:
  9. No facial hairs cultivated on the face, they're growing abundantly and wild around my nether regions, and I cannot be arsed to wax them
  10. Is that not a little pain full
  11. I have a beard so does my wife.
  12. Brave man, I guess your wife does not read this site?:worship::worship:;);)
  13. I have sideburns. Does this make me an associate member or something?

    Seriously, the real issue with Faith Schools isn't radicalisation or whatever Taloolah was trying to say, it's not coming into contact with people from other backgrounds. If you're surrounded by people of the same background or faith growing up, it can cause problems later, like when you're suddenly thrust into the 'real world'.

    Also, was the BBC broken up and privatised? Some aspects (ie BBC Worldwide) are for-profit, but I didn't think anything else was. Happy to be corrected on this.
  14. On the actual topic I saw a docu sometime ago, and that concerned me that they wanted all the comfort and rights of the western world but wanted to train/teach their children all the hatred they had bred into them, even using books band in the country (can't remember there names)

    As for being trained and thrown into the real world, like leaving the Mob?
  15. I used to have a beard, does that mean I've been converted (and not DC to AC before you all chip in)
  16. Speaking as a Anglo Saxon white male, do I qualify as a minority group.

    As such am I entitled to slag off/belittle and desecrate other societies and cultures I live among with impunity?
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  18. A bit like going to Eton then Oxbridge.

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