Abu Hamza must pay £1m for trial


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Abu Hamza must pay £1m for trial

Now the questions I would like the government to answer are:

1. How is a man living on benefits able to buy a £220,000


2. How come the government expect to recover £1m from a

man living on benefits.

I know being on benefits seems to be a licence to print money,

but this really is taking the p!ss



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Slim had snags last night. Perhaps some patience was needed. Some of his duplicates have been deleted.

Hamza is a dangerous barstard but he is also a figure of fun so, serious answers to Slim's post in this thread, less than serious in 'Lils.
At least a representative of the legal profession has taken a stand on behalf of UK taxpayers. No doubt the full million will not be realised, but this ruling must establish a healthy precedent.


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The cost of his defence team is in the region of £1000000.
This seems to be an extraordinary large sum of money. I would like to know how this figure is arrived at.
Isn't it about time that cases going to court where legal aid is required should be capped at perhaps £200,000 maximum?


This looks like another area where money can be wasted. If the authorities are going to try and recovery the money from Hamza, it'll cost even more money in the attempt, thus the £1mil will more than likely end up as £2mil.


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Always_a_Civvy said:
How is a man able to buy a £220K home able to get Legal Aid?

That's what I want to know Steve.
He has been on benefits for years and these benefits have been very substantial. As he is an active Imam should he not be supported by his parishioners (or the equivalent) or are we British taxpayers expected to pay to spread the word of Islam?
I have my eye on a coastal cottage please send details on how to claim for cottage on incapacity benefits.

Damn!!! I forgot I have worked in the past and paid into the system you can only draw from the piggy bank if you have never paid in!!!