Absolutely shameful (Baby-P case)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by R077, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Can anybody really now sit back and say the Death penalty is not needed?
  2. Agree! i also think there should be a death penalty if yoy steal a banana also. The reason i think this is becuse, if you stop all crime with a death penalty, no one will do any crimes! be a much safer world
  3. Seems to work in China.
    Serious crime especially stealing from the people (government) results in a bullet in the head. The latest volunteer for said punishment is a director of Beijing airport, think he's be executed by now.
    Think how well our politicians would deal with their expense claims etc. with this hanging over their heads :twisted:
  4. I have been reading about some of the injuries inflicted on Peter.
    Sickening doesn’t begin to describe it.
    There doesn’t seem to be a punishment, within the justice system, suitable for those vile creatures.

    Even the death penalty seems to lenient.
  5. Too right mate,

    These bastards probably treat jail much in the same way decent folks would treat a holiday camp. Will it punish them? Will it fcuk.

    One thing that really, really disgusted me was that self-serving piece of shite letter that stupid ******** sent to the judge. "Oh Sir, please excuse me I feel so bad and and and it was him wut did it, him and not me life is so terrible without my beautiful baby boy.. standing beside the computer while I play poker online and use his caved-in head as an ashtray." :evil: :evil:

    Evil, evil bastards.
  6. Please, please .... OVER HERE ...... Woo hoo <Waves Frantically> I'll pull the lever, inject the drug, push the button - whatever it takes.

    I know Sgt P will be on line shortly with a rational explanation on why we shouldn't do this ..... but .....
  7. Now would be a good time to see if the gallows in Royal William Yard still work..It will save a fortune on giving them new identities when they get released in two weeks. Very harsh place is prison.
    Perhaps Jesse could give us the lowdown on how these people are treated in gaol? It can't be so soft as its made out to be.

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  8. They done him on Friday.

    Braap! Braap!

  9. I think the referees give them too much protection.
  10. Yes, I can! The death penalty is simply too good for these vile wretches. They should kept in harsh prisons for the rest of their miserable lives, with the hope that they live for a very long time. They are already in solitary because other prisoners would kill them if they got the chance. Constant shackles and a grinding daily routine for 70 or 80 years would really punish them. Death is too easy.
    A final point; if the death penalty works in China, why are they constantly having to execute people?
  11. Because rich Westerners keep on ruining our livers and kidneys with our excessive lifestyles. We have to get our replacements from somewhere.

    I for one feel safe in the knowledge that when my liver packs in, I can nip on a plane to Beijing and chose a healthy new one from a large selection in Guangzhou Penitentiary.
  12. The executions keep the rest of the population in line. If you think of the number of people in China over 2 billion, the numbers executed are very small. However I do like the three strikes and you are out rule.
  13. Just watched SKYNEWS - if this trio get out, it's likely that they will be relocated, given new IDs, and police protection, at a cost to us of a million quid a year. And some dumbassed female politician comes out with "we have a duty of care to these people." What planet is she on ? I've not heard or read any shred of sympathy for these three, yet we have a duty of care for them ? Hanging's too good for them - let them in the general prison population, and let natural justice take it's course - hopefully, very very slowly.
  14. Absolutley bloody amazing isn't it, we have a duty to care for these sub human lifeforms, but we didn't have a duty to the poor kid they murdered.

    Whilst in jail they will undoubtably get all the mod cons and live a life that is far and above what ever basic human rights they supposedly have, then when we relaese them early due to good behavious they wil get everything supplied to them as a gift from the Taxpayer and never have to work again. Who says crime doesn't pay, it looks like these three have it weighed off OK to me.
  15. Yes I can it is not a deterrent and there is always the chance that an innocent person is executed. Having said that a life sentence should mean exactly what it says you die in prison.

    As for three strikes and your out would that mean if you steal and apple 3 times you will be banged up for life? It’s a stupid US law that should be abolished and do we have to follow the septics blindly in everything?
  16. Like Afghanistan, Iraq .. :-(
  17. Whilst I do not really condone the death sentence as its still possible to hang/shoot/electrocute the wrong person, I am also totally disgusted when I hear that those responsible for young Peter's death could be out of jail in a few years time. What also double disgusts me (it really does) is the fact that the three of them will be given total anonymity and protected when they are released. If they are released, it should be back in the community where they committed this horrendous crime and let them see how long they survive.

    Just how many more innocent young children are to die at the hands of disgusting creatures like these before the Law Lords sit up and take notice? Same thing as that Maxine whatever her bloody name was, she is out and living under protection whilst those poor girls from Soham had their lives and those of their families ended.

    Let them all rot in jail and not have any luxury items either and let those Human Rights do gooders join them if they so much as bleat about it.

    Life should mean life – end of story.
  18. There are shouts from the *******, sorry 'uman rites' twits about it being wrong to have named them.

    What I want to know, which one is the man.

  19. Amen to that. And "luxury items" to mean things like soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, combs, sheets and pillows, toilet paper, books, pens and pencils, cups of tea, sweets and chocolates, and especially radio and TV.

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