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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Blackrat, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    For once, i'm not going to be abusive or even try to be funny. Lil's gets the biggest readership which is the reason for this thread being on here.

    To all my muckers serving in sandy places and elsewhere, stay safe and have a great Xmas and New Year. This goes to ALL those serving abroad. :thumbleft:
  2. ^
    ¦ What he said.
  3. From me too.Come home safe and well soon.
  4. And a safe return to there native land should they so desire.
  5. Sixt'th that BR.
  6. great thread BZ merry xmas and happy new year to all
    who are serving
  7. BZ BR - excellent sentiment - God bless and keep safe all our lads and lasses in uniform, wherever they are.
  8. ditto to one and all,I was lucky never did a christmas patrol,run silent,run deep and god speed your safe return,from sea, land or air
  9. Here here Blackrat!!!
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    To all overseas - keep your heads down guys and come home safe. Likewise, best wishes to those of 2CMBG from my current hometown of Petawawa who are heading to Afghanistan in April - safe trip.
  11. Eleventh that!
    Stay safe, come Home.
    Happy Christmas to everyone. :)
  12. BZ Big man!

    God bless and keep safe to all.

    Let's spare a moment or two for those who have fallen and their families over Christmas. I'll be especially thinking of Phil Newman of the Mercians and his family who are local to me.

    We're proud and we're thinking of them all.
  13. Indeed. Stay safe lads and lasses and a very merry Christmas to you all.

    In particular Andy C, Wrigley and the rest of the HAC lads who are deployed this Chrimbo with the Grenadier Guards, 5 Regiment RA, 4/73 Battery, 29 Commando, 7 Para RHA and REME, the ball this year wasn't the same without you.
  14. Blackrat, you're a star!

    I'm out of RumRation at the moment in NZ, but would still like to wish the Festive Greetings to all you Guys 'n Gals doing your best for us out there.


    ps. Anytime you would like a 2010 bevvy, visit Blackpool Submariners Association at the Comrades Club in Blackpool.

    All the best to all who read this,

  15. Well said fella.
    and again to one and all return home safe

    Ut orbis terrerum vos vires exsisto unus alio, tamen ut unus alio vos vires exsisto orbis terrarum.

    On a lighter note

    Brevior saltare cum deformibus mulieribus est vita.
  16. For translating

    To the world you are one person but to one person you might be the world.

    the lighter one

    life is to short to dance with fat chicks.
  17. To absent friends...[drinks rum]

    Good luck, all of you.
  18. Concur with all said before.

    Would also like to lift a glass to Pinch who used to post on here but sadly passed a few months ago.

    Served with the chap in the late 80's. PO Stoker of the old school and a good man.

    RIP you grumpy old git.

    Was a pleasure to know you.
  19. Agre with all said before and I'll be raising a glass to 3 oppo's (one outside and 2 serving) who crossed the bar the last 2 months.
  20. Top man. RIP

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