'Above us the Waves'


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Well, sort of history tweaked to make the film - John Mills, John Gregson, Donald Sinden - about the X-craft attack on the Tirpitz. Might see some actual X-craft - we still had a couple in 1956, Minnow and Stickleback.

Channel 4 1335 tomorrow Thursday 27th.
One of the X craft survivors was my skipper in Albion 63/65 - Capt Basil Charles Godfrey Place VC etc, I believe he made Admiral before crossing the bar.

He was of really small stature, but having seen inside the midget sub in Dolphin, I think he would still have had problems moving about, still got to admire that they did what they did.
It is a while since I have seen this one though I am pretty sure that at least some of the internal shots are pretty authentic. As the film was releases on Jan 1 55 certainly there should have been X craft available for the film

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